It got to long for my profile.

Which I have made into a tektek avi, to see how much I need.
This doesn't include aquarium items I want.

heart = I want more

Please help me get this item!
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******** went to 350k to 1.5 mil in a day.

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Total Value: 136,826,504 Gold, 150,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
List updated on 6/12/11
Half of Prices updated last on 6/10/10

(Majority of these will take a long time to get)
-mil +-
Mercury's Moon 7.9 mil
Shibuya Nobody 6.94 mil
Kanoko's Nightmares 4.1 mil
Gaia-tan 3.5 mil
Hyde's Bloodlust 3.32 mil
Monochrome Keido 2.85 mil heart heart
Prince of Thieves 2.76 mil
Magical Mender 2.07 mil
heart heart SDPlus #140 Frederika 2 mil heart heart
Gin the Kitty 1.2 mil
Keytarblade 1.2 mil
The Knightmare 1.13 mil
Toned Keido 1.13 mil heart heart

-mil ↓-
Happy Melody 993k
Divided Stars 886k
Embarrassed Dream 856k
Vocal Headphones 750k heart heart
Keiongaku Style 692k

-500k ↓-
Nice Style For Work 455k
Giant Syringe 435k
RAVE 408k
Alruna Doll 400k
Flight of the Macaw 380k
Tomo's Basket 370k
Checkered Nightmare 337k
Plague Noir 335k
Happy Capsule 290k
Spirit Halo 256k
L33T Gamer 220k
Nightmare Fuel 211k
Silver Sonata 200k
Starbabies 195k

-100k ↓-
White Daruma Doll 96k
Bonne Fire 78k
Halcyon Cluster 74k
Shadowplay 68k
Keely the Whipped Creameranian 58k
T-1 Medi-kit 48k
Dreamscape 37k
Alrunette 33k
Frigid Sprite 20k
Sleepytime Dreams Bed 20k
Duct Tape Roll 11k

Evolving Items
(Any gen will work, lowest price listed)
Nano-C 3rd Gen 745k
Masquerade 10th Gen. 355k
Captain Ara's Nestegg 2nd Gen. 200k
Jinxi's Charm (2nd Gen) 181k
Holy $#17 66k

Monthly Collectibles
(The envelopes of these are also welcomed)
Grizzly Hoodie 112k Feb 09
Nitemare Sash 110k Aug 09
Uncanny Form 100k Aug 09
Scarlet Rose 98k Feb 10
Oculus Magica 93k Apr 07
Silver Laurels 89k Dec 09
Koi 50k July 09
Black Ops Gear 40k June 08
Yokai's Treasure 36k May 07
Will-o-the-Wisp 30k Oct 09

Cash shop items
(or anything that need cash)
Kottan Bell Reunion 643k
Wed to Darkness 320k
Scarlet Mist 190k
Sibyl's Incantation 103k
Sundae's Treat 103k
Rich Camp Hired Help 44k
Homeroom 37k
Cozy Holiday Tree 15k
Juvie Camp Most Wanted 11k

Glomp Me Sign 325k
B.O.O. Robes 3.4k

Zomg related
(you can donate recipes and/or loots items to help me out)

Ink related
(Bugs that make Black, Red, Blue, and/or Green ink are also a help)
White Body Dye 2.6 mil
Black Body Dye 300k heart heart

(I'm just waiting for good deals in mp to buy these)
Elegant Blue Satin Coat 56k
Soldat Steel Officers Cap 19k
Soldat Tan Officers Cap 19k
Blue Sweetheart Ruffled Dress 14.7k
#FFFFFF Complex Shirt 6.1k
Black Mandarin Bolero 5.7k
Soldat Sand Uniform Top 5.3k
Clean White Nurse Uniform 4.6k
Black And White Feather Duster 1k

I really need to organize this
Moon's Watcher
Love Drunk
Lovers' Letters
Handsome Lech
I Herd U Liek Diedrichs
Ship Captain
Lawful Master
Wizardry Time
Memetically Speaking
Roseus Diamond Dog
Amethyst Diamond Dog
The Troll
Doki Doki Deito
White Russian
Valentine Hearts
Heartless One
Love's Warrior
Ania's Wedding Gown
Coal Black Thigh-High Boots
Fairies Abode
Untoten Gegner
Sinful Scarlet
Wolf Ears
Plague Revenant
Berserk Conjuror
Ireful Marksman
Keen Bandit
Galahad Of Templar
Mod Geisha
Bellua Modesta Dernier*Cri
Risky Angels
Raspberry Fiesta Kitty Pinata
Blueberry Fiesta Kitty Pinata
Sumi Tribe
Playful Succubus
Lobo the Gray Wolf
Lesade's Sin
Warden of Hell
Dullahan's Edge
Charlemagne's Heart
Lumiere Noire
Light Spirit
Astra-VI: Jelly Bubblepop
Astra-V: Twinkling Prism Charm
Demonic Wind

I will try to update after ever 25k I earn
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