music taste / music found in 2015

music taste / music found in late 2016 + 2017

foxing - the medic

ok i listen to too much music to keep this one up
yt playlist here

animu i really enjoyed

manga i really enjoyed

dates to remember

5/11/15 Moved to Ohio
5/22/15 first time camping!
6/7/15 first job in ohio! i'm a part time cleaning lady!
7/31/15 rescued Rye and Mana from under the house! ♡
3/26/16 moved out and into my own lil home~
5/13/16 got my license!
10/1/16 saw TWRP/NSP/Starbomb live! amazing concert!
11/10/16 saw my favorite band, Balance and Composure, live! ♡♡
12/19/16 moved back to NY!
4/17/17 seeing Balance and Composure again!!
4/22/17 seeing Lil Peep!!
6/1/17~6/4/17 Colossal Con!
8/14/17 boyfwend!
11/31/17 saw lil peep again with nic!