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Please read the description entry first. (11/29/07 10:59 p.m.)
Opening to Humans Tale (Book one)
Llancire had no memory of how he ended up in such an eerie place. His head felt light and he had next to no equilibrium. What was this robed figure standing in front of him? He needed to get closer to see it. Walking cautiously forward, he felt an unexpected crunch under his foot. He averted his gaze to the ground where there lay a broken skull, he realized that the ground held hundreds of other bones in disarray.

Looking up, he took in the ghastliness of his surroundings. From what he saw, he was standing in an ageless forest. The ancient trees made a wall around himself and the man who loomed dangerously near. As Llancire came to focus on him, he noticed a tree not larger than the man himself. Though it was behind him he saw enough to realize that the greenish white light filling the entire clearing was coming from it. The light cast the mans face into shadow, making it nearly impossible to see.

However, the harder he stared the more clear his features became. As he drank in his features, he walked towards the figure as though he were being drawn in.Llancire realized now that he was much closer to the be-shadowed man, and felt the need to protect himself. He began to pull his lance, but his nerves failed him. The hair on the back of his neck stood up as he realized the man was not a man at all.

His hand still lay on the grip of the lance, ready for attack. He exhaled and saw his breath make itself shown to the cold air around it. His neck hairs lie back down, but his heart stammered in his throat. He began to once again pull his lance, but instantly halted. The eyes of his foe flared up with a white glow, illuminating his whole face.

His face was a complete picture of horror. He had no lips; only limp flesh that hung around his mouth. The skin under his eyes was laden with purple blood vessels, which could be easily seen against the white hue. It was completely smooth and not one wrinkle betrayed itself to the rest of the face. The light faded from his eyes, leaving his face darkened.

Llancire stood transfixed for a moment, goose bumps traveling up his spine. Then, without warning, the jewel on the chain around his neck started glowing red and flailed furiously, as if trying to run off into the night. The red glow began to envelope his body in so much power that he was lifted several feet. He stood suspended in the air, embodied by the glow. The power began to seep its way into his skin. Finding his heart, the glow evaporated and let Llancire softly back to the ground.

An unexpected rush of rage filled him, and a desire to kill swept over his senses. Pulling the lance from his back, he lunged toward his enemy and yelled," Die demon."

Ark the Guardian
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Ark the Guardian
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