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SolarShadow's Journal. W-w-w-w-whatever.
The life of SolarShadow-it's sure to be interesting...
Story #8: RPG Story (Character Info)
So yeah, this is character information for my latest story. It's more for people who actually read the story, along with me not forgetting stuff.

Bryce: Main character. Older than most other RPG heroes (around 35-40 years old). He's a master of several weapons, which he carries on his person (includes a greatsword, axe, katana, etc.). He may acquire more weapons throughout the story. Bryce is a hardened warrior, having gone on several adventures in the past. He is almost always serious, and does not like the idea of having a party. He feels that party members can only be liabilities. In his past, his original party was wiped out all except for him, leading him to believe the disaster was his fault. He does not wish for history to repeat itself, and tries to avoid befriending anyone.

Special Attacks: Focus Vision, Glacier Blade, Flare Blade...

Charlotte: A dark magic weilder who calls herself the Nightmare Mistress (others refer to her as the Nightmare Harpy). She was a boss monster upon meeting Bryce, and has fitting moves such as movement through portals, powerful dark-based attacks, and her trademark; making illusions to confuse her enemies. Charlotte is somewhat easygoing but she can be quite mischeivous at times. She quickly takes a liking to Bryce.

Special Attacks: Illusion Field, Dark Matter Ray...

Agatha: A youthful nun who has joined the church for an uncommon reason: revenge. She belongs to the church of Lesurge, who is believed to be a phoenix-like god. A very important religious man caused Agatha some type of anguish in her past, and she's bent on making him pay. She keeps this fact hidden however, trying to keep a positive, cheery attitude. Sometimes her lust for violence breaks out. Agatha uses two guns as her weapons, and has the ability to heal others.

Special Attacks: Tornado Rain, Flare Shot...

Dexxman: A German engineer who creates all sorts of things. His trademark weapons are what used to be his hands; two oversized, mechanical, beastlike claws. The claws can increase their power by percentages if their owner wishes. Dexxman believes himself to be smarter than the average weenie, but doesn't mind sharing technology or teaching people about what he does. Dexxman is sometimes crude or unstable, and isn't afraid to compliment women.

Special Attacks: Twin Burster Barrage, Mechanical Insanity, Twin Burster Overdrive...

Edith: A young woman born and raised in the slums of a large town. The town is split into the slums and the area where the wealthy reside, including the king. Edith speaks with an "uncivilized" English accent. She is brash, crude, and very protective of her younger sister Tammi, who is the only family she has. Tammi often has to calm Edith's temper, which erupts at the drop of a hat. Edith is knowledgable of physical combat (almost too eager to start a fight), and always wears a pair of gloves.

Gio: A thief, moreso a ninja. Gio does most of the things thieves do. He's quick and attacks with multiple daggers. Gio wears a bandana around both his eyes and mouth.

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