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About the PoeDaughter7 Character.
Video game review: Lake Kindred in Gaia Online MMO

I love the new Lake Kindred game on free to play Gaia Online. It is a very fast paced game with fun loot drops, evolving characters, fun

graphics, and the great character graphics of Gaia Online. It seems to take forever to get to level 4 when real things start going on with your

Kindred beast. After that the game moves better.

However, I do wish they would give you daily potions for counting your steps like the Pokewalker used to do.

If you would like to count your steps daily with the Lake Kindred game, join my free to play club.


I hope they will add a Fitbit step counter on Gaia as a feature to Lake Kindred.

Funny Facebook moment of the week: I change my Facebook profile to a Halloween themed Gaia Online character.

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Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies When it is Halloween, I have to be the Pumpkin Queen. The Gaia online MMO does make some fun Halloween art.
September 19 at 3:09pm · Like · 1

Kelly-Rose Kleinman Yes it does.

Kelly-Rose Kleinman's Gaia photo.
September 19 at 3:52pm · Unlike · 2

Kelly-Rose Kleinman
Kelly-Rose Kleinman Feel free to friend me on there, my username is Okami Rose.
September 19 at 4:15pm · Like · 1

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies Ahh, good I WILL friend you.
September 21 at 3:15am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies I used to like Gaia Online when they had a ZOMG game, but did not like it when they ended it. Oh crap, they started a free to

play pokemon near-clone game. Guess I am going to have to show THAT to my sister's kids who LOVE Pokemon online.
September 21 at 3:49am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies And I like Pokemon as well, so I am likely going to rack up gold this week on the game. grin emoticon
September 21 at 3:53am · Like

Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies I am Poedaughter7 on there as well, add me to friends on Gaia if you have me on Facebook.
September 21 at 3:56am · Like

Kelly-Rose Kleinman
Kelly-Rose Kleinman I was one of the closed beta game testers for zOMG! Before it was released. It was a great game.
They took it down for some regularly scheduled maintenance last year and discovered a major security flaw.
This security flaw would have allowed a hacker to access the entire Gaia online database with access to the millions of the accounts as well.
They hired on David Georgeson (as a consult, he was the main developer for the game before release) to try re-evaluate the code. After which

David said because of the fact it is a Flash based game, it itself has security vulnerablities. He said to be able to release the game again,

they have to find another platform and rewrite the entire game.
Gaia was already taking a loss from running the game, and decided instead of investing all of the time and money needed to rewrite the entire
game, they would stick it in the archives, unsoulbind our rings and say goodbye.

September 21 at 12:40pm · Like
Andrea Menzies
Andrea Menzies Awwww, so THAT was what was up. Thanks for the info. I like the new games too.

I like the new game SO much I have racked up MANY online points this week. It is a free to play flash game, so there are limits do just how
much you can do on the thing. Yet the NPCs are very fun, and have great graphics. Also, you can take your Kindred beasts into the chat forums,
and the road race flash games. Many are REALLY scary for Halloween fun.

See my artwork at http://www.fh7publishing.com/ - Andrea

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