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Musings of a Crazy Person
Whatever I darn well please, thank you very much.
As with all her other mistakes, this would lead not to her death but to someone else's.

Alex never slipped, didn't change her mannerisms or her speech. She told noone of her lover though they met as often as they could, making love wherever they could, silent in their rapture. Somehow, Mammon found out.

Their peace lasted only a month. Then, Mammon's jealousy became too much and those he had sent after her, the ones sent to keep her in their gaze, told him of their meetings. Mammon followed Johnathan's movements, stalking him everytime that he appeared on earth until he followed him to his meeting with Alex.

She paced up and down the clearing, waiting for him to show, hoping he would like her surprise. Finally, she saw him, silohetted against the sky, his white wings caressing the air as he gently touched down, landing in her arms. She kissed him with fiery desire. They had not had time together in almost a week and it had killed her inside, hoping he was okay, hoping they had not been found out. They wasted no time, shedding their clothes until they stood in the center of the clearing, blocked from the wind only by the foliage overhead and each other's arms.

She held up her hand and placed it gently onto his face, admiring the square line of his jaw, her eyes searching his, getting lost in the love she found. She opened her mouth, trying to find the words, "I lo" then he screamed out in pain, fell to his knees, clutched his head.

She fell to her knees before him, grabbing him to hold him tight. Her hands grasped air as she was flung across the clearing, slammed into a tree. She recognized Mammon's spiritual mark on this magic and screamed out his name in fury jsut as he stepped into the moonlight, right behind Johnathan.

His eyes locked onto Alex's and she felt the world shrink and grow, spiraling aroudn them, he was bringing them to the underworld.

When the world righted itself she could see Mammon's closest advisors, two of the most powerful demons, beside her, pinning her to the wall with their power.

Mammon planned on enraging her and knew that his own strength would not hold her. Normally he would torture on his own but, though he denied it, her strength scared him and she had never even revealed its full extent.

((To understand the hierarchy of the underworld would take years but the most powerful demons are easily recognized by their association with the seven deadly sins.

Lucifer, her father, punished Pride, his original sin.
When he was banned from heaven he became known as Satan, ruler of Hell and punisher of Fury, his new defining characteristic.

Mammon, her brother, haunted those killed by avarice.

To her left now stood Beelzebub, punisher of Gluttony, who eyed her as a feast. He had already tried to take her as his wife to use at his whim.

To her right stood Asmodeus, punisher of lust. He punished them by forcing them to cater to his own lust and had already, many times, tried to force her into his bed.

The last two, belphegor of sloth and Leviathan of Envy stayed in their parts of hell, rarely venturing out as both, for their own reasons, had no desire to deal with the upper realms.))

Johnathan was bound with chains beyond even his own angelic strength, his legs attachted to the floor and his arms to the ceiling.

He kept his gaze on Alex. "I love you." At his words Mammon laughed and walked in front of him, between them and locked his eyes on Alex's, soaking in her fury and smiling. "Now now, no talking. Its my turn now."

In a fluid motion he grabbed Johnathan's throat and ripped it with his claws. Johnathan couldn't even scream out in pain as he lost the ability to make noise of any sort. Alex felt her own throat close as sorrow filled her.

Mammon continued to rip at his body, tearing the skin but never a mortal wound. His blood pooled on the stone floor, steaming in the freezing room. Alex's fury was sapping all warmth from the dungeon.

She couldnt speak though, she knew that if she spoke now then all the pain that was fighting to overwhelm her, all the fear and sorrow would kill her. If she accepted that what was happening in front of her was beyond her control, she would slip into insanity. She reasoned it out to herself. Johnathan was still alive, even through the pain he kept his eyes on hers whenever he could, keeping her calm.

Suddenly, the doors banged open and her father, Lucifer waltzed in, his eyes wild as when he had escaped before. He was in his own mind now, playing over Elizabeth's death as though he had been there.

He screamed at Mammon, "You killed her. You b*****d." He shot at Mammon, his decrepit body still more powerful than most, weakend but not broken by his isolation.

Mammon threw him aside, his fury, already at top, unleashed on Lucifer instead of on Alex. Johnathan unleashed his wings then, knocking Mammon off balance and throwing the room into disarray as Asmodeus and Beelzebub leapt forward to help.

Alex saw a cloud of dust rise up as part of the ceiling caved in. She turned her head to shield her eyes.

When she turned to look again, she could see her father dead on the floor. She saw a spark of emerald power fading in his eyes before tears clouded her vision. The touch of calloused dirty hands on her wrists, locking the chains around her wrists tighter to ensure she stayed trapped, brought her back to the present. She looked to the left and to the right, noting the looks on their faces.

They were scared and she could feel their rank fear seeping into the air, poisoning the atmosphere.

Mammon stood over Lucifer's body, a smile on his face. "I guess this means I rule now." He laughed.

"But where were we." He rubbed his hands together and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. Johnathan's wings, six feet long on each side, brilliant white, were tangled in the heavy chains.

Mammon grabbed hold of the left wing, wrapping his hand around the feathers, gripping at the base and tore, ripping the wing out of Johnthan's back, tearing the muscle right out of his back and dropped the bloody mess of skin and gristle on the ground, adding to the chaos.

Johnathan's eyes blazed and he opened his mouth in a silent scream. This would be the final pain. The easiest way to kill an angel, if you could access their wings, is to rip them off. The hardest part, forcing them to extend their wings, usually kept them alive but since he could not take in his right wing, as tangled as it was, they both knew this was the end.

He couldnt even lift his head for the pain. She screamed out. "MAMMON!" He ignored her and circled to Johnathan's back, locked his eyes on her, his fist around the base of the right wing and smiled. "Love is not for the likes of us. It is not meant for those that dwell in darkness. We are meant only for pain."

The sound of Johnathan's wing thudding to the floor, its wings mingling with the others, stained by a crimson which crept up the feathers, coloring the soft down, pushed her from reality, forced her into a dark place which she had never before explored.

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