Wow, I haven't posted in forever. I have never been able to keep up a diary or journal for more than a few months to a year. Well the last time I posted I was working at the local Carlton Cards. Not any more. After working a total of 14 days in a row I had had enough with that place. So August 1st was my last day there. I had saved up enough money to get to Vancouver for Anime Evolution. It was so much fun. I dressed up as Tsunade and I met so many interesting people.

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Hehehehe, yeah. So after I got back from the convention I cut all my hair off. I grew it out for two years for the convention. Then i got a job at the Superstore as a cashier. I have been there for about six months now. I really enjoy it to. Except when 10kg bags of sugar get thrown at me. That's not fun. But I have made some new friends and that's nice. I will be moving out of my grandmothers soon, hope hope hope. I would love to have my own place. I will be going up to Prince George in April to visit my cousin Trista who is expecting her first baby in March. Really excited for that. And in July I am going on a houseboat trip with some close friends and my sister. Fun Fun Fun.