Wow three days in a row I've posted here. Well to start off with the bad news we only got the excellent rating in band and choir. We needed two superior ratings from two out of three judges and we only got one for both contests. I am so tired crying and I still have to work on my online college homework that's due at midnight.

Tomorrow I get to go play pep band again for our boys bball team, so I get to sit on a bus for about 4 hours. Aren't I lucky??? <---(sarcasm) I'm happy for them but its a really long drive.

Last night after I watched an episode of Amnesia I noticed I was getting a cold. Now...I have a headache and my ears hurt and I have a sore throat. I would eat a cough drop but I think they are really gross. emotion_puke Also I didn't dream about anything so that stinks. I just realized I didn't post any 'good news' so I guess I could say that I didn't have to ride on the bus on the way to the contests. The joys of being a senior I guess. That's the only thing I can think of... cat_redface