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This happend to me at this time, on this day, in this place.....
Living Doll
Click. Clack. Click. Clack. The sound of shoes on cobble stoned walk ways echoed lightly. The sound resounded off the walls of empty or tired homes, and even off the guarding moon itself. Though, honestly, the moon hadn't been guarding much of anything as of late. It had been slacking off. Instead of being bright and silvery, with just enough light to shine onto the streets of the towns that were under it's eye, it was darkened and stained in red. Most would presume it was the because of the blood of the victims it had failed to guard these past few nights.

The women, the unlucky ones who were forced to live on the streets, and sell themselves for little to nothing, food and shelter at most, were the unlucky victims of the moon's lacking guardianship. One a night was killed, one a day was found. Each strategically sliced open, then placed in a doll like pose with just as much thought carefully placed into the position.

They called the murderer Jack the Ripper.

And even if the rumors spread among the high class and low class alike, they still chose to meander the streets at night, some without choice, others just to catch a glimpse of the maniacal man. And so, though the single pair of foot steps seemed to echo more the the rest, though they drew more attention to themselves, no one suspected that the clatter from these shoes, were the same as the man who made even the moon turn away in fear.

Then the footsteps stopped. They had been interrupted by the soft sound of a little girl's laughter. "Father! Look!"

The little girl, whose voice resounded louder than the other people's clatter, louder than the hidden murderer's footsteps, ran towards a brightly lit window display. Her dark blue, yet short and messy, hair seemed to flow in the wind, despite it's length. Her eyes of the same color, glowed just as brightly as the window's very display. The one with the beautifully ornamented porcelain doll, whose eyes were staring back at the little girl.

"Father! Father! Can I have it? Please please???" The little's girl's dark eyes, moved for just a moment from the doll to her Father, a longing and pleading look in them.

The man who had long hair, colored just the same as his little girl's, looked down with slanted yet sophisticated eyes. For his little girl, he would do anything. "My dear Road! If that is what you wish, then that is what you'll get!"

Road gave a squeal and a jump of joy, then grabbing her Father by the hand, she dragged him inside.

A few moments turned to an hour, then into two, and soon enough as the pair left the store, one porcelain and beautifully ornamented doll, became a large pile of bags, everyone of them with some sort of toy inside them. He would do anything for his little girl.

Carrying the bags, so that Road wouldn't have to lift a single finger, he brought them over to a carriage that had been waiting since before they entered the store. Then, placing them all inside the carriage's walls all except the doll that Road had so badly wanted, he pulled her along for a few more blocks. Spending time with his daughter meant everything to him.

The doll was swung back and forth, haphazardly, smacking against the walls of stores, and falling against the harsh cobblestone walkway. They didn't care though, they didn't care that it was new, and that it had been destroyed in just a few minutes, they'd get her another. He'd do anything for his Road.

Suddenly Road came to a halt, pulling her father, whose hand she had been holding, into a complete stop as well. "Daddy....Look! A new dolly!"

"Ah...my dear...she's not nearly cute enough to play with you...you know I like to give you the cutest ones...."

"FATHER!!" A stomp of her foot and a pouty glare, and it was that, she was getting this new doll. He would, after all, do anything for her.

He nodded in agreement and tugged her along with a smile on his face. "Alright, alright my dear Road...just please don't glare at your father..it kills me every time you do!"

She gave another giggle, and followed him in the direction he'd lead her to. She knew that he would do anything for her.

The new doll, the one that Road's dark and intense eyes had captured this time was a living doll. It hadn't been the first, not in the past few weeks.

He held Road back for just a moment, much to her dismay, he approached the living doll. He hair was a golden color, with long beautiful curls falling just below her shoulders. She wore a red dress, appropriate for the time, though it showed much more cleavage than most other, sophisticated women, did. Her face, would have been beautiful, if not for the large amount of makeup that seemed to almost disfigure it.

She looked up to the man, a smile on her face at the sight of the potential customer. "Why...Hello there Sir...Can I help you with anything?"

The man gave a charming smile, and though he bowed curtiously to her, he refused to allow her to touch him. "Ah..Yes my dear Madam....I was hoping for some...accompaniment."

Another smile escaped her overly colored lips, and she nodded, "Of course~"

Without taking her hand, he lead her further and further into the deepest parts of the ally way. His daughter followed close by..

Her scream was muffled, though the slashing of her bear flesh would've been heard if not for the slight laughter. One cut, then another slice. They decided her eyes didn't match her dress, so the two were taken out. Her blond hair was completely redone, two beautiful pigtails falling at either side of her head. If she could still see, she would've loved the way they looked. Then just to finish her off, a heart shaped cut was slashed into her chest, because a living doll had to have a heart after all.

Once finished, he wiped the sweat off his brow, and admired the work he had done. His clothes splattered with the stains of the newly created doll's old and useless blood.. Stepping back, he gave a bow to his daughter, showing off the doll. "I made this just for you my dear."

Road gave a clap and another squeal, then ran up to her Father and gave him a hug, despite all the blood he had on his being. "THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!"

A kiss on the forehead, he patted her head, and set her down, so that she could play with it for just a while, she did after all get bored easily.

Another doll, set up perfectly in a beautiful position, then abandoned once it's owner became bored with it. Just like the others of the past few weeks. They were prostitutes, no one would miss them anyway.

And though the blood stained moon had heard everything, it had failed to guard another woman. It could have been because it had much disdain for the way life was being lived by these certain women, or because it was just afraid of the 'click clacking' of the murder's shoes, or perhaps because it knew, that that man would do anything for his daughter Road.

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