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What so beautiful our friendship that grow like a flowers it keep blooming and bloming!! It keep blooming and whenever I think abt u and I would look at the blue sky and the clouds moving what's so beautiful our friendship continue and I can't imagine but we are far away like the birds flying and flying to the south to keep warm. I can't imagine when I hold u and wow it getting warmer like a spring coming. U smell so good like a rose. Yeah, we always have our faith in our friendship . When the night come and I heard howling and howling at the moon that's mean was you and the star keep shinning and I know we will never give up and I will always think abt u.

Sweet of someone who wrote that to me.

Angel Husky
Community Member
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Thanks for donation, gift, or anonymous.

*anonymous* = (white leather belt) Donation
*kougas_wolf_demon* = (ocean blue wrap) Gift
*anonymous* = (Wild Armor) Gift
*Shippy Jr* = (Magic Mountain Orb) Gift
*anonymous* = (Flower Crown) Donation
*Sweetkitty* = (Sealed Envelope 02/200 cool Gift
*BMB9two* = (Silver Heart Belt) Gift
*ilovepink1984* = (gold) Donation
*-RPG- Emman* = (SuperStar Orange Tint Shades) Gift
*ilovepink1984* = (castaway blue shorts) Donation
*Lupent_Allen_Tallic = (wild things & Wild Armor) Gift
*anonymous* = (Jenny's Sentimental A-line Dress) Gift
*Ilovepink1984* = (water puddle) Gift
* OmG-Orgasim-Turtle* = (MC of June 200 cool Gift

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I decide to give a special gift to my friends from my buddy list! biggrin

Why? {She or he make me a good company to talk on pm or profile. They are so friendly or sweet to me often.} wink They earns it worthy.

((BMB9two)) ~~Dark Star~~
((Vintage Mel)) ~~droppping earrings, black goth, black tie & lovely genie purple belly gem~~
((Starrymite)) ~~Squirt Gun~~
((caredfor)) ~~gold~~
((sheen_firestone)) ~~gold, papers, house item & clothes~~
((nanzu-chan00)) ~~two clothes~~
((Diabolic Sun)) ~~love heart mood bubble & blade's shirt~~
((XxNaruto_Hinata_4evaxX)) ~~sakaura's cloak, charcoal cat mask & blue capet floor tile~~
((ilovepink1984)) ~~red heart balloon, labu necklace, & silver heart belt, Pink Knit Jacket, flopper clover~~
((The True Darth Dragon)) ~~Thank you letter for Feb 2008~~
((Nero9295)) ~~black Wulf headpiece~~
((Music Rock)) ~~wingin black shoes~~
((cuddleyou)) ~~doggystyle Brownspiral gloves~~
((Wolf Prince Shippy Jr)) ~~fox ears~~
((AllyWolf)) ~~classic partition top & white sandal for her bday early~~
((Invisible shadow_kit)) ~~black wulf muzzle~~
((InuYasha_Blackwoverine25)) ~clothes~
((-RPG- Emman)) ~heart of gold, jingle me hat~
((Sweetkitty)) ~Langer the Dragon Plush~
((NatsumiWolfSC)) ~ ribbon luv sleeves~
((Lupent_Allen_Tallic)) ~ Angelic bow, 1k~ =awesome person=
((StarryMite)) ~Blue Leather Native Pants~
((JBValo )) ~Natural Jade Pendant~ for her bday!
((Gothik Shadowbunny)) ~wild things~
((katarue)) ~ Black Wulf Headpiece~
((Foxy1Darkness)) ~G-LOL Dark Mistress Top~
((Kasca)) ~Egyptian Golden Crook, Radicool Fluff Socks~ =sweet person=
((Star La Boricua)) ~ Buck Teeth~ =awesome person=
((Skordon)) ~were feet~
((Jishii)) ~dotted party dress~

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------------------ I LOVE YOU ALL!----------------

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