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Psy's Journal?? Welcome?
Decided to try again to get back into Gaia.
Changed my user name even though the one I wanted was taken.
Things are meh. Almost 30 and struggling to find a fulltime job.
Been playing the piano a bit which is nice.

I cant stop watching GameGrumps.
Getting in the way of my anime and video game time,
But it makes me happy so there is that.

Bought some new cheapo gear for the chats. Hope it looks alright.
Need to relearn a few things on here. Don't know how to change my signature..


Other than that, things are alright.

I hope I can find some other peeps my age on here who like stuff I like.


Well It has been quite some time since I made one of these!
Somewhere close to 10 years.. 10 years.. man time flies.
Haha so I was looking through all my old comments and
journal entries and messages and s**t and I must say that
I was such a dweeby-suck back in the day. Even my user name.
But I dig it so I am not going to change it any time soon at least.

Anyways, I am back on Gaia, and I plan on being back for some time.
I hope I get some friends on here and s**t so it doesn't get TOO boring!


Yeap.. so its 2 am now.. I am so tired,
I shall go to sleep after this entry..

So yea.. I am kinda in a mix of feelings and s**t
haha.. I miss Shelby so much.. she means
everythin to me, I cannot bear being away from
her.. I love her so much.. But I am also happy
FOr I will get to see her in 2 days.. well one,
after I go to sleep and wake up it will be the same
haha, and I got her a gift for our 6 month.. I really
hope she likes it, I would say what it is, but I know
you will read this and ruin it! hhahah.. btu yea, I
really don't think it matters how much it costs..
Cause.. I really liked the one I looked at, and it
was the one I was getting.. haha (I love you Shelby..)

But yea, other then that, I got this kickass mp3 player
its pretty much liek an ipod, but its an RCA, cause
I didn't want an ipod, and i got it off ebay for 250$
..its 20gb, I will never fill it, I have 896 songs, and
it is only 2gb full.. hahaha, lend me cds!!

but yea, thats really all I got to talk about, soo
yea.. I'm out!


-Mat- (and I ALWAYS will)

What's this about Roomates?
I want to move in with SaffrOnFloWer!!
She bought a house but Gaia is being dumb..
She can't figure out how to put s**t in her house sad (well its not really her fault)
I will help her smile I love her so very much..

-SaffrOnFloWer- heart blaugh

I'm Really Hot at Sexy and There is this girl named Shelby who loves me!
But I'm really Hot... Like HOT hot! ..(But she is sooooo much more hot then I)
Whoo, it's hot in here! Must be Me, and Shelby, hot hot, hahaha

blaugh heart

Whatever.. this Is my first entry in my journal thingy..
So yea.. its 11:10pm.. I've been collection alot of gold
I got 1250 in the past 2 hours.. from voting in the
art place.. and I have made about 5k today..
and all of it has practically gone to the love of my life..
she is "SaffrOnfloWer".. and she lives but a half an
hour away.. I love her so very much, I would do
anything for her.. she just joined this thing..
so I want to help her out as much as I can..

My love.. you are everything to me.. I will always love you..

You are my Best friend.. I can't wait until I see you again

I love you heart heart


Community Member
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