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mostly lyrics with alot of pics it makes reading them fun and gives you an
idea what i made it for! ^^ everything in here is what i feel and how i feel
about things i cant explain and dont want to so read the lyrics and listen to
the music to get an idea of who i am ((PLEASE COMMENT!! I WANT YOUR
THOUGHTS ON IT)) kk love yall
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Highwire Amaryllis (Sleeves)
Super Nova (Gloves)
Serpentine Raiments (Sheer Gloves)
Nero's Just Verdict (Sleeves)
Attitude Alleycat (Sleeves)
Checkmate Rematch (Black Knight's Mask)
Anok Akori (Wrappings)
SDPlus #235 Widowmaker (Belt)
Blind Death
Zephyr Tasset (Billowing Scarf)
Malice Punk (Buckle Scarf)
Eternal Eclipse (Wispy Cloth)
Black Heavenly Unmentionables (Black Stockings)
Midnight Club (Stockings)
Butterfly's Lament (Unzipped Stockings)
Ebony and Ivory (Sparkling Stockings)
White Collar Nurse (Stockings)
Metal's Last Hope
Pistolera's Revenge (Level Up: Pistol Belt)
Modus Operandi (The Piper: Tattered Belt)
Shadow Huntress (Belt)
Trilune's Promise (Crone's Wrap)
Trestle Lurker (Belt)
Imperial Han (Belt)
Black Russian (Expresso Belts)
Puppeteer's Insatiable Reprise (Belt)
Divinity Court Aya (Belt)
Steel-plated Ninja Band
Nitemare Sash
Demonic Anklets (Dark Mask)
Scar of the Warrior
Modus Operandi (Jack the Giant Killer: Scarred Eyes)
Antipathy (Heir Apparent's Blood)
Bloody Heist (Cut Wounds)
SDPlus #079 Wraak (Blood)
Raijin's Rage (Battle Wound)
The Russian Butcher (Scar)
SDPlus #038 Labtech X Doll (X Tattoo)
Woodland Druid (Sidhe Tattoo)
Rosa Decora (Right Arm Tattoo)
Rosa Decora (Chest Tattoo)
Rosa Decora (Thigh Tattoo)
SDPlus #427 Jinjing (Tattoo)
Lord of Event Horizon (Pierced)
Black Widow (Maneater)
Ravenwood Manor (Crumbling, Dark Interior)
First Frost (Lacy Frost)
Lamenting Lucie (Young Lady's Cosmetics)
Sparkle Eyeshadow
Gogh Reed (Zero Hair)
Dark Jubilee (Hair)
Pistolera's Revenge (Level Up: Gunner's Hair)
The Manslayer Duke of Lalune (Dragon's Crest)
Icy Frosting (Sweet Icecream Hair)
HoC: Phantasm Zivva (Hair)
Luxurious Mary (Hair)
Demon's Prestige
Eclectic Style of a Geek (Curly Bob)
Scheherazade's Dance (Wig)
Celestial Envoy (Hair)
Minimal Monochrome (Hair)
10th Anniversary B.O.O. Skin
Death Whisper (Drone)
Weeping Wanderer
Fall of the Morning Star (Crimson Tears)
Compass of Seidh (Valkyrie Eyes)
Checkmate Void (Black King's Eyes)
SDPlus #348 Jabberwock (Dead Gaze)
Achiram's Intent (Sharp Eyes)
Vivid Eyes Green
Girl's Terra-Twist Black
The White Lady (Torn Sleeves)
Bloodstone Maiden (Studded Sleeves)
Deadly Ansha (Black Bandages)
Gimpi (Arm Warmers)
Madame Godina (Lace Cover)
The Celestial Rose (You're Welcome)
Crimson Rose (Garment)
Lethe Rose (Garment)
Rosamund's Rage (Constricting Undergarments)
Latex Venus
Rosamund's Redemption (Constricting Undergarments)
Erteszek's Sleep (Panties)
Erteszek's Sleep (Lacy Top)
Shadow Huntress (Strappy Garment)
Scandalous Starlet's Lingerie (Black Lace)
Scandalous Starlet's Lingerie (Black Lace Bra)
Devilish Dancer (Leotard)
Moira's Underwear (Wearing)
Black Heavenly Unmentionables (Black Lingerie)
Vittoria's Intimates (Pink Lace)
Heartbreaker (Sharp Harness)
Alruna's Rose (Suspender Thong)
Alruna's Rose (Bra - Strapless)
Alruna's Rose (Maibari)
The White Lady
Kamila's Vamp Top
Devilish Dancer (Boots & Garterbelt)
Dutchess Ebony Rose Dress and Heels
Guilty Love (Dress)
Orionis Warrioress (Dress)
Legend of Medb
Absolute Majesty (Dress)
Purple Corset Dress
Noir Foret (Dress)
La Belle Ortolan
Jupiter's Lace (Lacy Gown)
Hera's Lace (Lacy Gown)
Rosamund's Rage (Red Rose Gown)
Queen's Vengeance (Bustier with Hoopskirt)
Paramour's Break (Vera's Dress)
Dark Omen (Jeweled Gown)
Secret Retreat (Mistress' Dress)
Erteszek's Sleep
Hell's Mistress (Skirt)
Moira's Fashion Flashback (Goth Studded Skirt)
Scott Pilgrim: Ramona Flowers (Pink Shorts)
Correspondence in Black (Pencil Skirt)
Cherry Flare (Chained Pants)
Chequered Punk (Skirt)
Rainbow Pathway (Rainbow Frills)
Takkun's Wild Side (Capri Shorts)
Checkered Remorse (Pants)
Lawful Master (Micro Skirt)
Alternate Sasha's Skirt
Hell's Mistress (Studded Jacket)
Rapturous Descent (Devil Cloak)
Jupiter's Lace
Antigone’s Hourglass (Cape)
La Mort Rouge (Blood Red Cape)
Hera's Lace
Nero's Just Verdict (Coat)
Her Darkness
Moira's Fashion Flashback (Punk Leather Coat)
Dark Heart (Luxurious Overcoat)
Rapturous Union (Devil Cloak)
Ebony and Ivory (Lace Bolero)
Custom Cut (Luka's First Ever Design)
Cloak of the Dead (Cloak Only)
Enchanted Book (Majestic Black Cape)
Alruna's Rose (Coat)
Ghost Cape (Up)
Lunar Cloak (Full Moon)
Butterfly's Lament
Grave Danger Spectral Shroud
Demonic Wind
Wicked Torn Cape
Ghost Cape
Madame Godina (Lace Top)
Demon's Prestige (Corset)
Attitude Alleycat
Sainte Ciel: Thanatos (Valkyrie's Embrace)
MLP: Princess Luna Shirts (Cutie Shirt)
Nightmare Scythe (Tattered Shirt)
Lizzie Rose (Top)
Star Smasher (Shirt)
Fey Seer (Shirt)
Fatale Monstrum (Top)
Modus Operandi (Cutie and the Beast: Skelly Shirt)
S-Pop Club: Odele (Male duet shirt and scarf)
Vampire Sound (torn shirt)
Card Croupier (Vest)
Sauvignon Blanche (Bottle Corset)
Black Widow (Carapace Corset)
Spellbound Mademoiselle (Bodice)
Sainte Ciel: Eros (Warrior's Embrace)
P3 Gear (Ragged Mesh)
Snowy White Lass (Tight Bodice)
Lady Justice's Armor (Laced Top)
Crimson Marionette (Corset)
Crimson Marionette (Shirt)
Tales of Adventure (Shirt)
Silver Bracelet

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