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school love days
i plan to write bout a idea i had call school love days this was kinda based on my life alil but its mostly made up like something like an anime
school love days chapter 1
everything was going the same way like every other day for school but this is summer school in s.a. my ex is siting behind me she never talked to me again after our break up.. which made me sad since i gave her my v-card.. o sorry let me introduce myself im Jake(not me just to let u know) ive attended this program since school started but nothing but drama.."ok everybody we're here" said the bus driver. i sighed and got my things and waited for people to pass by.. mary(my friend and jakes ex) passed me i wanted to say hi but dont have the balls to since all of her friends hate me.. they shouldnt plus they dont know that she lost her v-card long before she met me!!! slut!!! she said i force her which i didnt i couldnt do dat to a girl.. as she passed i went behind her i could already feel her talking bout me.. i bet shes saying "hes so stupid" or "dont waste ur time wit him" stupid a** mary i would like to hurt her but cant.. man when we got inside to go eat in the lunch room for breakfest. i had to find a new seat. since all my friends sat with mary.. as i look around i find a spot to sit. i go over and set my stuff down and decided not to eat i lay my head down for a while but something caught my eye. long black hair, a nice tone of brown skin(mexican skin color) purpleish mixed wit brown eyes, small yet cute lips wit a hint of pink, and wearing a corset wit chains wit a long sleeves under it, wit a nice black pants and converse boots. she looked amazing than a glare shined.. she had glasses?! she can work wit them wit dat outfit!! she walked to my table were i was sitting. i looked away quick since i was blushing like crazy and thought why is she sitting wit me out of all people?!
" hi.." music to my ears her voice was pure and clear something i never heard before. "hi there im jake whats ur name??" i said shaking alil she giggled and smiled and said, "im October(thats me)" i blushed like crazy i cute girl talking to me and not even thinking about all the glares shes getting from mary and her group
"so u new october??" "yes i am and im hoping we can become friends jake" music again to my ears a nice poliete girl wants to know me!!! XD i took out my phone i had to get a pic of her i know it sounds stalkersish but i had to i made it look like i was looking for service she giggled and showed me her smile. i took the pick fast. yes i got her when she was smiling. the teachers said it was time for class and me and her kinda went our sepreate ways she went wit vincent, aaron and gabby. i walked by myself and went to my classroom. im hoping shes in my class i took a seat and watched the door. everyone else came into the room except october. mary walked in and took a seat next to me which was odd of her. "hey u and the new girl were hitting it off pretty well." she said kinda in a teasing tone. y should she care she doesnt have feelings for me anymore "so y should u care?" i said rolling my eyes. ok everybody dis is where i stop for today ill write the rest when i can goodnite.

Natsumi Hart
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Natsumi Hart
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  • [07/19/11 09:34am]
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