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Bleh >.<
Role play With My fwiend Johnny.. (Hiku and Sky)
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Sky's Profile :
Shy, Calm, generous, good self esteem. Sky has long blue hair and green eyes. She's short x3 5 feet.. She's really energic. She loves to hang out with some close friends and happens to have a little crush on the nice and handsome Hiku... Sky doesn't have a mother and a father so she's orphan.
Hiku's Profile :
Shy before you know him, energic, well manner, stressed about his parent's airplane accident, has black hair and black eyes, longs to find someone to understand how he feels... Hiku is orphan to.

As Hiku was walking to his next class he accidentally bumped a girl on his way named Sky, he got so emberassed he ran as fast as he could to class and found out she was in the same class! Sky wondered who was that cute boy so she went and sat besides him in class. Looking down to her left side Sky finds out that Hiku droped his pencil on the floor so she took the pencil and hangs it to him with a blushfull face. Hiku gets startled and gives a light stong breath then relaxes -bends to the side while Hiku feels his eyes finding a movement to his right so he turns his head to see the girl Sky he bumped into earlier holding out the pencil to him with a blush. The teacher wasn't looking and whispers,''I'm sorry for earlier, I felt emberassed and clumsy so I left. I hope your not mad at me...'' -Looks at the floor in shame.- ''No need to be sorry it's okay. Happens all the time to I'm used to it.'' As she turned back Sky opens a book and starts to read. ''By the way my name is Sky.'' -Sees the teacher turning around and Hiku hurry and turns back to his seat still and whispers- '' The name is Hiku, nice to meet you Sky.'' -Bells rings so Hiku gets up and starts putting his books in his back pack-. As Sky puts her books in her back pack as well she suddenly starts to laugh. -Hiku looks to the side and sees Sky laughing- '' What's so funny Sky?'' ''Hehe the look on you're face when you bumped me. It was so silly. -Wipes her tears with her sleeves- ''sorry'' she said. -Hiku Blushes and stutters- ''N-n-no! I was j-just startled that's all... And ashamed. -Turns face away and puts back pack on- ''I'm just a four wheel driver I guess, I go off the smooth roads to the bumpy ones smile .'' -Sky looks at him with a smile and a blushfull face- '' Heyy, why so nervous? You made my day. I'm happy. -Takes her stuff and walks out of class.- As Sky puts her back pack on her back she turns back and said ''T'was nice meeting you... I hope that we'll get to speak again.'' -Gets out of the class.- -Standing straight with good posture Hiku nods his head and said ''Likewise.''

Hiku walked back to his home, his family was rich and when they died he took the heritage but was a orphan and lived with his younger brother Tom, he opens the and hid 7 years old brother jumps on him with arms around hugging tight- 'BROTHER!!!! Welcome back!!!'' -Hiku brushes his hair- ''Yes, was gone for a quarter of the day. Hope you left the house in some sort of cleaness.'' ''Uh well I didn't break the tv!'' Tom exclaimed. Hiku smiled and replied, '' Well that's good, maybe we can find something about keeping what you have un one piece smile .'' Hiku wan up stairs to put away his homework only to be greeted by his waiter which was his father's pal in his life names Walter. ''Good morning Hiku!'' Hiku gives a stare ''Erm I'm afraid it's passed morning Walter.'' ''Oh my apologies sir! I guess I did hearing about my not see time fly, always was bad at this sort of thing. You know your father -Hiku stops him from speaking.- ''you know I don't like father or mother....'' Walter stood up, ''I'm sorry, he was a great though. Nice seeing you back though, how was school? Any girls?'' Walter exclaimed.''Yeah there's girls at the school, it was fine. Nice seeing you to.'' -Walks into room and closes door and puts away homework. He hears a girl singing outside and looks outside, down the street was a almost poor but not poor neighborhood which his dad built their mansion there because of the people. ''Hey isn't that the girl from school?''

As Sky was walking her way to home she sang a song that her mother used to sing to her when she was a child. -Looks up at the sky and looks at the birds flying in te blue sky then look a long and deep breath- ''I wonder how Hiku is doing right now... He was really nice though.'' As she continues to walk Sky looks to the left and sees the the very rich house. -Looks a little highter ans sees Hiku look at her in the window. Hiku hurry and goes back inside, and steps away from the window breathing hard. ''I don't want to let her know I'm rich... Don't want friends that are after my money...'' -Starts to think, goes down stairs and pulls his lil brother to the window and tells him he will give him ten bucks if he sticks his head out and wave. So his brother does and waves at Sky then goes back inside for his good o ten bucks!- ''Phew, hope that covers it somewhat... Better. Hiku gets changed for football try outs. -Changes into shorts and t-shirt, goes outside and jogs to practice, he does extremely well and gets into the team as the quarter back.- The next day at school he goes to practice.- Sky loves football so she went to the practice and sits besides her best friend. while talking to her she turns and looks at the guys then notice Hiku. Hiku doesn't notice Sky as he plays, he runs and catches the ball, dodges 3 guys and score a touch down. He turns around and gives the guys he passed a pat to make sure they weren't upset and gets ready fo rthe next play. HIKU! He looks for someone to pass to but catches Sky in his sight and freezes, he gets tackled and coach blows the whistle. -Hiku gets up- ''Sorry coach I got distracted.'' Hiku looks over back and sees her again and finishes practice after the showers he goes and reads a book. Sky walks and sees Hiku again. -Goes to Hiku- ''Hey you did well. You're really good at it. I watch it since my dad died no long ago. -Then she looks at she feet- Sky looks back at him and smiles. -Sorry if I distracted you..'' Hiku blushes. ''I-its ok really. Was just practice.^^ But I'm sorry to hear about your Dad, I do not have a Dad either nor a mom. They died in a airplane crash. I'm sure he was a great guy though.'' -Half smiled thinking about his parents upsets him some- ''But yeah, maybe you should be the quarter back of the football team if you watched it so much.'' -Grabs book and puts in his back pack- What are you doing after school by the way? Stares at him and looks down with a blush- ''Maybe goinf for a walk in the woods.. I love looking at nature. It's relaxing and calm. It helps me to forget my problemes... smile and you? -Tosses hair from my facel.- ''Oh I'm doing nothing important, do you mind id I join you? I've personally never dome that kind of thing, but sounds like it shouldn't hurt. and maybe I'll find a bear to wrestle haha smile . ''Hehe sure. It'll be fun.'' -Starts to walk- '' So how was you're day so far?'' ''Same old. Except the nachos at lunch almost make you want to live just for to get a bite of it some day again! You haven't said anything about you're mom, how's she doing? Is she around still? -Hiku looks at Sky curious- Sku starts to stutters. ''M-mom? Eer well... -Looks down- S-she died no long ago...'' Sky started to become all red. ''Oh I'm sorry I shouldn't of asked.'' Hiku said -Reaches over and hugs her- I understand how it feels. Just keep pushing forward, it's hard I know. Do you even have a house to live? >.< Sky blushes. ''I do...But it's reallt small.. I-i... -hugs him tight- I take good care of myself so you don't need to worry 'bout me... I have plenty of food... And I have a nive bed to sleep in...'' Hiku looks at her ''Oh that's good. -doesn't believe her- ''Can you take me to see ^^? This has been a nice walk in the forest but would like to see you're place. ^-^ Sky get's nervous- YOU CAN'T... Er I mean... you can't. I didn't did the cleaning yet... I g-got to go... -Sky runs away as fast as she can- -Since Hiku is in the football he can run pretty fast and follows her without her knowing to her place-

Sky suddenly stops running and takes some deep breaths ans she goes by the lake and shuves her hands in the wanter ans drinks it ans whispers to her self ''Why can't I have a home like everyone duz?'' -Starts crying.- Hiku sees Sky crying and walks out to the side of her and sits beside her. ''Forgive me for following, but I'm guessing you really don't have a place... But that's ok Sky it's nothing to be ashamed of. You can stay at my place, I mean we both lost our parents and it only seems fair to take care of you like my parents did for me. I'm sire your parents would want you to be safe area also. you do not have to pay for being over or do anything. Hiku pulls Sky up on her feet and hugs- ''I don't mind really.'' Sky all suprised. ''N-noh its okay I don't want to be in you're way... I'll try to find someone else to live with. But for now it's okay... And thanks for asking... Ima be strong (:. -smiles and wipes tears off with a blush- Hiku: ''No I insist! I know youre being kind and polite but I know you need help. -Puts Sky on my shoulders ans carries and brings her bike, goes to the mansion and puts her down- ''I didn't want to tell you but there's plenty of space for you to. Sky: ''I-I'm not sure about this... I don't even know you enough. You don't even knoe what I'm scared of and what I don't like and what I like...'' Sky looks down at her feet and trys to walk away.- Hiku: That's true... I respect that, guess I wasn't thinking of danger like that I felt like familly... -Runs in the house, stashes into the back pack blankets, and clothes then runs outside and hands to sky- ''Least take that to make sure I know you're safe. Only was trying to help, take care of your self. -hands blanket- ''just in case it gets cold. Winter is coming. Nice meeting you see you at shcool! Sorry I wasn't thinking straight ^^. -Runs inside the house and flops onto the couch and puts his hand over his face- ''Ugh I'm such a idiot to not even think how weird it is to be that fast! Bleh... I should keep apart some before she thinks I'm a creeper. -Puts pillow over head- ''sigh''

As Sky walks back 'home' he thinks about all the trouble that she caused to Hiku. ''I'm so dumb'' -She takes the blanket and covers her self abs lays against a cherry tree- ''Next time ima try to be more carefull...'' -Sky falls asleep- 3 houres later when Sky woke up it was raining so she was all wet. She looks up at the sky and starts to whisper ''I hope that it wont thunder..'' Hiku heard the rain and goes to the window to look at the clounds, he sees Sky laying against a tree not to far down. ''Hm.. I want to help her but she's probably creeped out of me. -Thinks and gets a idea- He sends his little brother Tom out with two umbrellas and a raincoat. Tom goes up to her and hands a rain coat and umbrella. ''Hey I'm Tom! I'm Hiku's little brother nice to meet you. He told me not to tell you but he told me to give these to you because you probably think he's weird.'' -Laughs- ''He's funny. Anyways stay warm! Tom trots back into the house and goes to Hiku. ''All done!'' says Tom. ''Good to know she's better now...'' Hiku says in a quiet voice. Sky looks at the umbrella while thinking 'bout Hiku. ''Duz he really cares about me like that?'' -Puts raincoat on- ''I was so confuse that I forgot to say thanks... Shame on me!''

The storm starts to clear and it's 7am in the morning. ''yaaaaawn!'' -Falls out of bed. Ouch..- ''Need to get some breakfast!'' Hiku exclaimed -Runs down stairs for some eggs and bacon- ''Thanks Walter!'' -Grabes plate and starts to walk out the door- ''I'm just going to eat out here don't worry!'' When he gets outside he rushes to where Sky is and sees herfast asleep. ''Poor thing...Sigh. Wish i could so more for her..'' -Hiku whispers ''good breakfast (:'' puts plate with food quietly next to her side then leaves her and goes to his house. It's now 7:47 and Sky just woke up -Yaaawn and stretches- She looks beside her and sees a plate with eggs and bacon. -Whispers to her self- ''That Hiku, always trying to take care of me..'' After she ate her breakfast Sky runs to school and gets into class. Huki starts walking to school on the side walks from his house holding his books since he gave his back pack away to her. He sees the plate empty knowing that she either threw it away or ate it. But there's no reason to throwing it away. Hiku looks at a little kid playing with a ball when suddenly the ball bounces and starts rolling on the street. ''Oh great that is dangerous...'' SCREEEEECH!! Car starts moving around the corner to the ball, the little kid runs to the ball then freezes in panic. Hiku drops his books ans runs to the kid pushing him to the side, the car hits the break but not goes into soon enough and Hiku rools over the car onto the street hitting his head. The driver called 911 and brought him to the hospital, he goes ito a 3 day coma while his little brother stayed at the hospital with him.

Later on Sky heard about the accident and rushes off to the hospital. As she was running up the stairs she bimped a doctor. '' Sorry.. I'm in a hurry!!'' Sky walks, opens the door and goes in to room. She sees Tom besides him. ''Is he alright!!?'' Sky asked to Tom. She walks and sits besides and takes Hiku's hand and starts to cry. ''I'm so sorry Hiku!!'' Tom: ''He should be fine. He should be waking up in a hour or so, but he's going to hate to be on crutches for a week. He's my brother, he can take a hit she shall be fine. He heals faster then others because he's gotten hurt alot haha ^^.'' Tom smiles ''He always talked about you when he was home, think he sees himself in you because no one he knows do not have parents and know what he's going through, guess he thought he finally found someone that understood him. But when he wakes up and you tell him I told you he will probably cancel my tv shows ): so please keep it a secret sky... I'm going to get some food'' -Runs off for a snack bar- xD Sky lays her head on Hiku's Chestand waits for him to wake and starts sing a lullaby. Hearing her mom's lullaby from when she was riding pass the house, Hiku slowly opened his eyes to seeing Sky's head on his chest staring back. Hiku gives a weak big smile and says, ''I knew you'd come. Thanks, wish you didn't have to see me like this. Must of been out for awhile, I have a bad head ache... -Little brother runs in- ''HEYY HIKU!!!!!'' Hiku tilts his head and stares. ''Hey...? Who may you be kid ^^? Tom: Uuuuh........ You're brother?'' Hiku stares and scratches his head- ''I don't recall much actually... Just remember Sky from shcool and that song...'' Tom: What!? Stop teasing me!!!'' Doctor grabs Tom shoulder- ''I'm afraid he may have lost his memory, he may recover it back in a day, weeks months or even years. Just needs to be triggered.'' Tom: ''Oh so it's like the movies... Hmm least I can say my tv show time is longer.'' Hiku: Sorry... I don't know why I'm even here... -Climbs out of bed with clutches- but I'd rather be home and outside if you don't mind . -Walks out with clutches and with Sky.- Hiku are you gonna be ok? I mean you lost you're memory.. you don't remember you're brother? You know him more than me...'' -Walks looking down- I'm sorry. And please rest alot... I can't stand seeing you like this.. I don't want you to die like my mom did. -Looking at you as a tear falls on the ground. Hiku stops and wipes tears off her face. ''Like the doctor said I'll get it back! And I know you more then anybody at the moment. things will trigger my mind it, I don't even know my family or where they are or my friends or what I've done so I'm kind of stiking with you because you're the only thing I do remember. Sorry for bothering you about it... Man I must of really some something stupid to forget my memory. Sky: I'm sorry Hiku it's all my fault'' Sky looks down and starts to cry. ''I'm sorry.'' Hiku looks at sky and asks, ''Why are you sorry? Wew you there when I lost my memory..?'' Sky gets all confuse. ''I wasnt there when you had you're accident but... I dont know but I feel bad,'' Sky wipes her teard and gives a hug to Hiku. ''If ever you need help or you need to talk about something contact me. I owe you that.'' Hiku looks at Sky. ''What do you mean you owe me? You owe me nothing Sky. But I will contact you when I can smile '' Huki gets home and opens the door, he goes to his school work and puts crutches down on the floor, reads homeworks ''Man going to have a problem knowing my work for the next test haha'' -Scratches back of his head- ''forgetting stinks especially in school! -Hiku laughs-

After a while Sky went for a walk in the forest so she can change her mind because she was all confuse. ''I wish I can do something to help him...'' Sky founds a big rock and decides to do a drawing for Hiku so the next time she goes for a walk with Hiku she can show it to him. Hiku goes to his little brother Tomat entrance. SLAM! ''BROTHER!! Your not leaving till you remember this!'' -Pulls out a broke bird house- ''That's that time in the summer we tried building a bird house but we did it all wrong, so we made of the sledge hammer!'' Tom nods ''and...''Tom exclaims. ''And the time I accidentally hit ur thumb with the hammer...?'' Hiku replies. ''YES!'' Tom: And you said you would be sorry forever and never forget! HA! You kept it even though you lost youre memory.'' -Runs and hugs Hiku- ''Love you brother!'' -Hiku messes his hair up- ''Love you to Tom.'' -Hiku leaves the house to find Sky. Sky drew a picture of her and Hiku. They were holding hands and they were walking in the woods. you can see a big smile on Hiku's face. ''I'm tired'' She gets up and stretches and takes one deep breath then gets back down and lays besides the rock and falls asleep.------- After 3 to 4 hour of sleep Sky wakes up and decides to go visite Hiku. Hiku: Hope she's doing alright.'' -cheks watch- ''6o'clock : -Sits against the cherry tree and waits- Sky runs and runs fast as she can and sees Hiku waiting for her under the cherry tree- ''Heyy Hiku!!'' -Runs faster while waving.

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