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A week in Gravesend
After work on Sunday 11th Feb, I went to get a train from Hitchin to London then London to Gravesend, Kent. My workmate gave me a lift, which was nice of him.

While in London I got to Charing Cross station, but there were no trains running from the station cos it was under maintenence, which annoyed me as I had to get another tube train to Cannon street. Luckily there was a train already waiting, but it was a slow one, then again theres hardly ever a fast train to Gravesend, the fastest is about 45/50mins. Luckily I had a few things to kill the boredom, mainly my mp3 player.

I had asked my mum to pack me a lunch for the journey, but she gave me almost everything in the fridge, lol.

When I finally got to Gravesend station, I had to go to the otherside cos the exit was locked, bad enough I had a heavy bag. I wait outside for Chris, in the meantime someone asked me if the station was open not seein a door was open XD silly boy. I gave Chris a big hug when he arrived and we headed to his house. I'm just about getting to know the area now.

At his house, we watched some TV and Family Guy season 2 DVD. His mum made us a lovely dinner. She's a sweet lady. His dad is funny and his brother Dave and sister Alice are cool. I still haven't met his eldest sister Kate.

Chris and I soon went to his gran's old house, we went in a taxi. When we got there we chilled out watchin DVDs. I couldn't wait to give him his Valentines gift, which is a toy devil monkey, lol. He finds it cool.

Monday we had a lazy day watching DVDs.

Tuesday we went into town and got a bus to a shopping centre called Bluewater in Greenhithe. I found it better than the Galleria in Hatfield. Sadly I only bought one thing cos I wasn't sure if my money was ok. I got a manga created by a german girl about a band. Chris bought a Hellraiser book for his dad. There was a musical instrument shop, GAME, Waterstones, HMV, Virgin megastore etc. For lunch we had a KFC meal.

When we got back to Gravesend, a bomb scare started outside MacDonalds, so we had to go a long way round to get back to the house.

Again we watched DVDs.

Wednesday morning we went to his house to get some more films and his Gamecube.

At his gran's we started watching Goldeneye, lol. My favourite Bond film. We also got ready to go see My Passion at The Fly in London. I wanted to film them, but I forgot the battery charger. I remembered Suzi's birthday present.

We managed to get to London just after 7pm, just couldn't remember which tube exit at Tottanham court rd station to get out from. So we met with Suzi outside the Dominion theatre, from where we only had to go around the corner to the venue.

When we go to The Fly, I got mine and Chris's tickets out. There was only a bar upstairs where I got a coke and so did Chris. Downstairs, all of My Passion were sat at the back. I wanted to show them a The Nightmare Before Christmas manga I bought, as I thought they'd be interested. I gave Suzi her present, which she loved. Somehow the ladies toilets were flooding. Suzi and I debated whether Simon is a vampire or a zombie XD. I finally found out what John's new job is.

The first 2 bands were were electro bands and not really my thing, nor Chris and Suzi. So we were bored. But My Passion entertained us with their dancing, hehe. Those boys crack me up. Sadly Suzi didn't stay for them sad

When My Passion were finally on, I struggled to get a good place at the front, so I just managed taking photos from the side of the stage. Felt a bit bad for Chris, but he said he was fine. When Larry came over my side, my arm nearly got caught in the mic lead, so I quickly untangled it for him. Simon and John jumped off the tiny stage.

Afterwards, we said our goodbye. Larry spoke to both me and Chris. He told us he cut his finger, poor thing. Andy wanted to make sure I was goin to their gig at Club85 lol.

We had a long wait for a train at Charing Cross, so we got something to eat. On the long train ride home, Chris fell asleep. I had the odd nap too. We got a taxi to the house as Chris doesnt like walking in the dark. Nether do I really. We were both exhausted and went straight to bed.

Thursday Chris had to go to the job centre. I hoped to meet someone I know on deviantart.com, but we missed him. Chris was hoping to start a course to help him find work, but its not official yet. There was some chavs who took the piss out of us there!

We got the train to London again, this time we went to Camden to meet Chris's friend Sammi and her boyfriend and another friend. We met up outside The Underworld club and went to get some food. We got a small chinese take away and sat at some benches. We also looked around the market stalls. I bought an Iron Maiden A Different World picture disc for £3. Chris bought a rare Misfits cover of the Monster Mash, lol. Sammi bought a Misfits live DVD, which Chris also wanted. We went back to the station at about 4pm. We've all arranged to meet again soon.

Before we went to his gran's we met up with his brother Dave in the town and got a taxi. At Chris's grans we chatted with Dave, he was talking about work and some other stuff. We also played a bit of Smash bros melee and Mario Kart double dash on the Gamecube.

On my final day, we lazed a bit and I packed all my stuff. We headed to the station for 3pm. We had a few more minutes together. When I departed on the train, tears rolled down my eyes. I didn't want to leave yet, but I had to cos of work. But it shouldn't be long till I see him again.

My journey home was fine, just I couldnt wait to get a slow train cos there were so many delays at Kings Cross.

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