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Sabera's advenchers
Chapter One: The First Day
As the morning light crept through the window gently touching my skin. A burning feeling came over me. "Owww, that burns!" I yelled out as I leaped out of my bed pulling my blanket with me to shield the sun.

"What's the matter, Rader?" said a man standing in the door way wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

Looking over at him I call out, "The sun, Vance!"

Vance walked over to the window and covered it. Turning around to face me, and said sarcastically, "Is that better?"

As I stood up I answer sarcastically, "Ya, that’s much better."

"You really need to remember to cover that before you go to bed." Vance said as he walked out the door. Walking over to my bed, I put my blanket back on it, and head over to shut the door. “Breakfast is almost ready." Vance calls out.

As I shut the door I answer back, "Ok, I'll be down soon." Then I turn around to get ready for a new day.

As I slipped on my black hoodie jacket, the sweet scent of bacon filled the room. I ran over to my desk and grabbed my backpack, then I scurried down the stars. When I got into the dining room Vance came out with a tray of bacon in his hand. "Here we are." Vance says when he sets the tray on the table.

Looking around the dining room I ask, "Where is everyone?"

Sitting down at the table Vance says, "Sleeping or doing who knows what." As I start walking over to the table Vance grabs and stares at the bacon as his mouth starts watering.

As I grab a plate I say, "Vance you’re drooling."

Vance wipes the drool away with his hand and says, "Sorry about that, I'm just really hungry." I fill my plate with bacon a red sauce; as we call it here, then I sit down next to Vance how is now scarfing down bacon like there's no tomorrow.

As I started to eat my bacon Vance asks, “So today is your first day of High School?”

I pause my eating to glare at Vance and answer, “Yeah, and thanks for the reminder.”

Vance looks over at me and asks, “What’s so bad about school?”

After finishing some of bacon I answer, “Everything.”

Vance rolls his eyes and says, “You say that about everything.” Ignoring Vance I grab another piece of bacon and this time I dipped it in the red sauce. As I look at the bacon fangs pop out and I start to devour it. As Vance leaves the table he says, “Don’t forget to save some for everyone else.”

Rolling my eyes I answer, “I don’t think you need to worry about me doing that as much as you.”

“Ha-ha, very funny” Vance says sarcastically, as he walks into the living room.

When I finish breakfast I grabbed my stuff and start for the door. When I get to the door I called to Vance, “I’m leaving for school.’

As I open the door I hear Vance called back, “Ok, have fun and don’t forget your lunch.”

“I almost forgot about that!” I called out as Vance started laughing at me. In a flash I ran to the kitchen, grabbed my lunch and was out the door. Running straight into the sunlight, and a burning feeling over comes me. Quickly, I ran back into the shadows and cover my body more. “I almost forgot about the sun” I said to myself. After I covered myself I slowly stepped out of the shadows. Then I started back on my way to school.

“Hey freak, Are you ready for a good morning?” A boy leaning on the wall of the school hidden in the shadows said.

Looking at the ground I said, “So what are you planning on doing this morning Derven, waste your time pounding the life out of me.” I said in a low voice.

Derven charges at me and slams me into the wall, “You and that big mouth of yours are going to get you hurt!” Derven screams in my face as he crushes me into the wall. Trying as hard as I can to get out of Derven’s clutches when all of the sudden Derven pulls me forward saying, “Feel the pain freak!” Then with all his power Derven slams me in to the wall. “I’m going to make this year a living nightmare for you freak!” Derven said as he started to crush me into me wall. Just as Derven was about to break my ribs the first bell rang. Derven threw me to the ground, with all his power and said, “You’re just a stupid little misfit.” The Derven started towards the door. Stopping when he got to the door to laugh at me, and then he burst into the school.

When Derven left, I tried to get up, but I fell back down to the ground, gasping for air. I stayed there on the ground for about two or so minutes before I got the strength I needed to get up. When I finally got up I started for the door stumbling the entire way there. As I walk into the school I saw a huge welcome sign that said “Welcome all Freshmen. You will be starting today in the gym.” I started for the gym running as fast as I can in my weak state. When I got to the door of the gum I looked through the window to see the bleachers covered but the very end. I grabbed the door handle as I took in a deep breath and said, “Here starts my freshman year, the nightmare of my life." When I opened the door all when silent and all eye were on me. I pulled my hood further over my head. As I walked in one of the teacher ripped my hood off my head and said, “No hoods on inside.”

I stop and look over at her and said, “Who might you be?”

She glares at me and answers, “You are to call me Mrs. Danielson.”
I gently smile at Mrs. Danielson and said “Well Mrs. Danielson, sorry to be rude but you will not make me take off my hood.” I said as my eyes flashed red.

Mrs. Danielson smiled at me and said, “Sorry about that.” Then I slipped back on my hood and continued to the bleachers. When I sat down and everyone moved further away from me and started to talk again, pretending that I was not there.

As I looked down at the floor someone said “Good morning everyone.” I looked up to see that it was a man with black button up shirt and suit pants on. “My name is Mr. Gorden, and welcome to Wellstone High; young leaders of the world. This year I’m looking for the best effort from all of you. But I will warn you this year isn’t going to be as easy as it was in middle school. I want this year to be one worth remembering. Now I would like you to hear from your teachers.” Mr. Gorden said as he walks of the stage and let the teachers talk.

After all the teachers finished talking, Mr. Gorden came back up and said, “Now you may head to class, your lockers will be given to you by the end of the day.” When Mr. Gorden finished talking everyone got up and rushed out the door pushing and shoving me out of the way.

First hour I was Health, second hour was Algebra, and third was Science. All we did so far was go over rules, expectations, and what we will be learning. Now its lunch time and I’m waiting to get into the lunch room as everyone pushes me out of the way. When I finally get into the lunch room I started to an empty table on the other side of the lunch room. As I walk over to the table like a thousand different thoughts ran through at me. “Is that’s the misfit boy?” I heard someone say as I walked by. I looked down at the ground as I walk passed most of the tables, when all of the sudden Derven slammed his tray into my face and trips me so that I fell to the floor almost crushing my lunch.

“Hi Freak.” Derven says as he pleases his foot on my back. As I tried to get up Derven put so much pressure on my back that I was almost suffocating.

“G-e-t o-f-f o-f m-e.” I manage to say as my eyes flashed red.

After I finished talking Derven lifted his foot off my back and stepped back saying “I’ll deal with you later.” Then Derven went back to his seat and started talking to his buddies. I slowly got up and went over to the empty table. When I got to the table I took out my lunch and started eating it.

“You look lonely.” I heard someone behind me said.

Turning around to see who was there I asked, “Are you talking to me?”

He laughs and handed me a wet paper towel saying “I saw what happened so I went and got this.” I took the paper towel from him and stared cleaning my face. As I wiped my face I could feel my face go numb.

When I finished cleaning my face I set the paper towel on the table saying, “Thanks, but why are you being so nice to me?”

“I’m being nice to you because you look like you need someone to be nice to you.” He said as he sat down next to me.

Before I took another bit of my sandwich I whispered, “Thank you.”

He smiled at me and answered, “No problem.”

I looked down at my lunch and said “You must be new here or you wouldn’t have approached me like that.”

He smiled at me and said, “The names Trever and I moved here over the summer.”

“Ha-ha. That explains everything.” I said

Trever looked at me confused and said, “What do you mean it explains everything?”

Looking over at him I answer, “I’m a misfit, and that’s all you need to know.” Before Trever could figure out what to say, I packed the rest of my lunch and went out to door.

After lunch all I could think about was how kind Trever had been to me. “I have never had anyone outside of the house be so nice to me. Why was He being so nice? What makes him different from everyone else?” I asked myself over and over. When finally the bell rang and everyone rushed out the door. As I was about to head out the door I was stopped when Mr. O’Neal said, “Rader I want to talk to you.”

I turned around and said, “What is it sir?”

Mr. O’Neal got out of his chair and said, “I’m worried about you Rader. You seem to be distracted” I looked down at the floor and said “Can we talk about this as home?”

Mr. O’Neal looked at me and said “Ok, but you need to tell me everything.” Nodding my head I walked out the door and to my looker that I got just after lunch.

As I opened my looker I heard someone next to me say, “It looks like are lockers are right next to each other.”

I look over to where the voice came from and answer “Trever?”

Trever started laughing at me and said, “I’m in every single one of your classes and you just noticed me now.”

I look over at Trever confused and answered, “Really. Well I haven’t really been paying attention in class.”

Trever still laughing opened his looker and said, “That explains a lot.”

As I put my stuff in my looker I answered, “I’m really that easy to understand?”

Trever placed his stuff in his looker and answered, “Apparently.”

As I shut my looker I said, “Well I got to go so see you tomorrow.”

“O…” Trever started to say before I was gone.


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Sathera light keeper
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