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High School Story and Mini Survey
getting up for school was VERY easy last school year, since my school was a mile from home, basically AROUND THE CORNER stare now its a drive ranging from 20-30 minutes, depending on what time i leave home or who is giving me a ride. in middle school, i was allowed to wake up at 6:50 or 7:00 and get my a** over to the school before 8:10. now i have to wake up before the crack of dawn and do everything i need to do 2x faster than last year. i have to be IN MY SEAT before the 8:15 bell or it's detention for me. so, this means i have to be out of the house and in the car/truck before 7:30... DAMNIT I WANNA SLEEP IN!! gonk

please leave a comment in this journal for a quick response to the questions i shall ask. you dont have to answer all of them if you dont want to. oh, when responding, please put Q#_ so i can tell which question was answered by you
thank you cat_smile

Question 1
Have you ever just wanted to sleep in for the day?
Question 2
Have you ever wanted to punch the kid who talks trash about you, even when you're standing there listening?
Question 3
Have you ever just wanted to transfer to a different school?
Question 4
Is there a teacher you don't like at ALL?? If so, what class is it?
Sort-of-School-Related Question 5
If real life was a fantasy, and you had a choice to be anything you wanted to be, say, a unicorn or something, what would you be? Whatever your choice is, would you still go to school or no? *monsters are HIGHLY acceptable*

My answer for Q#5:
If i had a choice, i'd probably be either a vampire or werewolf. See, if i was a werewolf, I would scare the sh*t out of the kid who'd be talking trash about me or a friend. But, if I was a vampire, I'd just stay somewhere, cuz who would want to go to school if they're an immortal?

Alternate Answer for Q#5:
I'd be an awesome Chocobo cat_rofl CHOCOBO RACES ARE EPIC!! F*CK HORSEBACK RIDING!! cat_scream cat_rofl
*apologies if i hurt somebody's soul cat_sad *

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