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Tyranny's Characters and other random stuff I'm pretty sure the title said it all...

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N/A but identifies as Male.
120 lbs
Eye Color:
Icy Neon Blue
Hair Color:
Accents/Vein Color:
Icy Neon Blue

A Titanium Cyborg developed in 2107 by china in order to monitor the changes in the tides and shifts in the moon's position. They made him with the ability to possess basic human emotions in order to correctly communicate with the other scientists. However, pushed by curiosity, he studied further into "feelings".
Afraid their creation was becoming to distant to its job, and more attached to meaningless things such as reading and music, the scientists went to shut him down. However, having gained a sense of self preservation, He defended himself. In the process, he killed them all. The government sent people after him, most of which he avoided. Until during one fight, he was shot through the chest, and the bullet skimmed the component that created his emotions.
Since then, he has had emotional fluxes, much like mufti-personality disorder. During these times, he is to be regarded as highly dangerous. Also, he is still pursued by bounty hunters.

Normally, he is a very kind and quite being, usually preferring to learn above everything else. He his thoughtful of other people's feelings, if not a bit naive at moments. However, he is still protective of himself and other life forms. When he switches though, due to the damage done to him, he becomes a weapon, bent on destroying whatever gets in his way. He becomes deathly quiet, and extremely focused. This can be caused by a direct hit to the chest, the sound of a gun shot near him, or any sort of extreme trauma. Likewise, he can also be brought back by soft tunes/melodies but songs that are song or played on the flute seem to have the most effect.

Usually none since it is not needed though if he needs to travel in the open, he wears a large dark grey cloak. It is tattered and torn around the bottom edge, the hood is huge. The cloak has no clasp, and is instead held together around the collar by a light blue scarf that has a small silver chain hanging off of one end. A small crescent moon hangs off it as a bobble.
A miniature titanium moon in which he controls by telekinesis. It floats around him perpetually unless he holds it down to hide it within his cloak. This is the only thing he can control this way.
Enhanced Eyesight and Hearing, Slight Levitation, and strength which also enhances his running speed.
If his moon is removed from his possession, it causes him to fall off balance. Also, magnetic pulls affect him.

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