"Wait!" A little calico cat meowed helplessy chasing a car but also watching it slowly move farther down the street.The cat stopped and bowed his head."Why?W-W-Why did they leave me here?" he said through his teeth.The Johnson's.The family that had it hard.The only family that Bob Johnson had was his wife.The rest of his family he had ever known either died of dioxin,strokes,heart attacks,or seziures.Each one of them passed down by their genes,which went way back in the Veitnam war in World War ||.And when he learned his wife had breast cancer....well.....everything started getting worse than it was already.Bob Johnson started getting depression two weeks after the discovery.Suicidal actions started occuring.And that morning,Bon Johnson had a seziure.Yep...That's the car he watched drive down the street.The little calico had no other choice....He had to join his mother and father and become a warrior!