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Chasing Fame
My adventure to become famous on the wonderful world of gaia online.
Ah, Persona's. There are many different things you can do on Gaia with all the items.

~Persona - A persona, in the word's everyday usage, is a social role or a character played by an actor.

Now, you don't have to get a Persona on Gaia, if you don't want one. You can allow your character to dress in all black one day and in rainbow the next, its totally fine. The fact is when you have a Persona for your avatar, it just makes everything appear polished. You can go very simple like only keeping a certain type of style or go big by getting all the items you need for your character and only wearing them.

If you look around the Gaia threads you will see a variety of characters, you will notice the avatars with a Persona more because they look very coordinated with there clothing options.

I am sure your pretty confused, if so, let's make a example of a Persona.

Ok, lets say there is a new user named Golden Angel. The clothing options that user chooses will most likely be affected by the name. For example since the name is Golden Angel the user may only chose bright golden clothing and bright eyes.

Let's look at my character, there isn't a exact persona in terms of clothing yet because I always spend all my money and never save up. whee My character has a few rules I have to follow, like:

- Must be male
- Must not wear pants/skirts only underwear
- Everything must be skimpy
- The hair must stay white and include a fringe
- The eyes must stay purple
- My colors I mainly wear for this character are black or purple
- Must wear something to cover the mouth

Those are the rules I follow for my character, I mean I'm not so hardcore with it because when it comes to holidays I like to wear something that goes with the certain holiday.

So to get started with your persona here are a few questions you should ask your self to come to conclusions with your clothing/physical options.

- What is the characters personality?
- What are their favoirte colors?
- What things do they like to do?
- Are they good or bad?
- What kind of background do they have?

Just these few questions can help you figure out what your character would like to wear!

First Day - Beginner Thread
Right when I logged onto Gaia for the first time, I went right to the Beginner Thread to meet new people! It is very hard to get 0 replies in that thread IF your actually saying stuff that has to do with being new. This is your key when you first come to Gaia as you may meet a user that is generous a gives you some items/gold.
Also, as I did you will meet new people that can help you around this site.

So if your new and reading this entry, go to the Beginner Thread! Also, feel free to add me, I would love to help you around the strange and fun world of Gaia!

Yaoi Lover ft Gaga
Community Member
Yaoi Lover ft Gaga
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