I used to think of myself as a normal kid. I had lots of friends, occaisonally got in trouble with the teacher, got mostly good grades, you know the usual. Seven days after my 16th birthday, my english teacher Ms. Brunwin told us to write a 5 page essay on someone famous or unfamous. Everyone talked about movie stars and singers and other celebrities. I couldn't pick just one! So I asked the teacher about some people she would have picked. Ms. Brunwin gave me two names, Jack Nicholson and Tina Fey.
That night I went home and started to Google Jack Nicholson, instead of continuing the name I seen Jack the Ripper. I wanted to know who that was, so I clicked his name and was introduced to the first man I would idolize for the rest of my life.
For those of you that don't know the God of a man, Jack the Ripper was a serial killer, his real identity is still unknown. The paper I write was a about this man. The teacher didn't know whether to call my dad or applaude me.
After this paper was written, I wanted more. I learned the ways of The Zodiac Killer, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy and so many other serial killers. Hell, I watched "The Silence of the Lambs" seven times just because I was infatuated with Ed Gein. The "Saw" series never ceased to entertain me. I tried to convince my so-called-friends that these men were Gods, but they just laughed at me or ignored me. I eventually saw no need for them and overlooked them. I focused on science and the human body. Brain movement and reactions became my central point. I had no time for friends. I worked my to graduating college with a Masters degree in Psychology and a Bachelors degree in Anatomy.
Now that I pleased my father, it was time to take my place on the stage. Four months before today, I bought 8 gallons of bleach and several bottles of peroxide with 11 different names. My pattern is simply this: Man, Woman, all born in 1977, with children 13 years of age. I wouldn't kill the children, unless they were present at the time. I would kill from 7:27 P.M. until 3:17 A.M. I can't stay up to late, I still have my job as a shrink. "Tuesday" I thought to my self, "March 9th is the day of my first kill.
I hope they'll give me an acceptable nickname in the paper" I mused as I danced jubilantly out the door with my blade collection.