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Im pretty sure im not crazy...but i may be a little off though.
What makes you special?
Ive heard this stupid question so much its practically oozing out my left ear. Its like every single year my teachers, the ones that wake up one morning and decided to play psychiatrist (all of them), ask me the exact same question.
Now, thinking back on the stuff I wrote I realized I never gave them the same answer twice...which is, even for me, kinda idiotic. That I have to admit.

In third grade it was "Just because".

In forth grade it was "Because I want to be the next president"
(note now that not only do I not want to be the president but Ive decided to become a plastic surgeon...What a big jump that was, huh?)

In fifth "i want to be famous like that guy on TV"

Sixth "Because I am a caring person" (Everyone in the class wrote down the same thing off course)

Seventh grade it was " Because Im kind and I like making friends". That was probably one of the biggest lies Ive told in years.

Eighth grade "Im kind, I like making friends and Im unique"

Ninth "Im kind, friendly, unique and I care about what others feelings"

Last year it was "Im different. Why do you people keep asking me the same question?"

Now its "Nothing. Absolutely Nothing"

During my ten years in school Ive grown to realize that there’s no individual person, no unique style, no I do this because I want to be different. Im not even sure the word different should even exist anymore or if it should have been invented in the first place because no one is completely different. We're all just faceless manikins of some TV image whether we're conscious of it or not.
Even if you actually trying to be different with red hair or shredded clothes or far too many piercings or a crossword puzzled carved on your wrist. There’s always someone doing the exact same thing your doing right at this very moment.
Maybe someone really is pulling our strings.

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  • [07/19/10 02:22am]
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