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Worlds Together
I write things here. Maybe I'm writing out an idea, a dream, or even just venting out my feelings, Don't judge. Thank you.
Unidentified 13
So it's the next day, everyone is still asleep. It's almost 5 am. I'm sitting here holding my head, because everything is starting to sink in.
I still don't know how to react to Foxy's story about what's secretly happening within our own government. Honestly, it puts a knot in my stomach. But, I don't have a home anymore. I'll probably need to change my name and move to a different country. I.. just need to breathe.

It's all very strange. When I was younger, all I did in my spare time was play video games, play on the computer. I loved these games because they brought me on crazy adventures, they showed me new worlds and new lives I can glance into and interact with. It was my imaginary world where I could experience a different life in a way. As a kid I've always wanted to just escape into those worlds. This same concept goes for movies too. All I did was sit at home and play games once I finished my homework.
I wanted adventure in my life, I wanted something absolutely crazy to happen in my life to make my life interesting. All I had were these fake lives and creative stories to fill my time. But now, my life has completely been shaken around. If I was younger, this is exactly what I'd want. Something wrong in the world I can help fix and have a crazy adventure. But now I'm freaking out. Naturally. My house blew up and I almost died like 20 times the past two days. I just feel so... so fragile. I could die at any moment.
If I do join this group, what use would I be? Why did they bring me here. Maybe this is one ******** up nightmare. It's a really long nightmare.

Oh ********, Foxy was pretty much just reading over my shoulder this whole time. I quickly covered up my paper and told her to buzz off. She sighed, rolling her eyes and sat in a near by chair. I just asked her why she did choose me of all people to help with this situation.
"You aren't as useless as you think you are."
"Right." I said back a bit sarcastically.
"No, man it's true." she spoke, a bit quietly since everyone else is asleep, "I know you. You got a great skill that we desperately need."
"What the heck are you talking about? The only skill I know I'm good at is.. documenting my own opinions. Actually, I'm not even that good at that. I just don't even know what to think right now... And what makes you think you know me? I'm sure you've been stalking me but.. you don't know me."
"Dude, come on, how can you not remember?" She stared me down with her bright brown eyes.
"Remember what?"
"You shut down the government. You were like what, 10?"
"What? You seriously have the wrong guy." I shook my head. my god I really shouldn't even be here.
"No, you're the right guy. The suits have had their eyes on you ever since. Years ago, you snuck into the governments main system and managed to screw up the files that had to do with congress's bill to fund the bill to be passed. Everything was going smoothly until a kid stepped in. They had to pass it off as the congress simply not agreeing with the president over some s**t just to hide the truth that a small kid had the power to shut down the gosh dang government." She laughed as if she were proud of this younger me. "How do you not remember this?"
"Because.. All I did was type in the binary code that directs the computer to the main system, basically the heart of the internet, then direct it to Washington D.C.s main area code, which made it simple to connect it to the internet connection that the white house uses. Then when I got to their main website, there was obviously a few passwords to be able to get in, and once I did my internet immediately shut down." I realized I was rambling. Suddenly I was remembering that day. "Then these man came to our house and studied my computer for a few days, told me to never do that again and left. End of story. I'm sure it's happened a few times."
"I have no idea how that's even possible. And that is why we need you. How can you even connect to the WiFi that's across the country?" she smiled shaking her head speaking quietly, "even after you explained it to me the first time I still never understood."
"The first time?" I looked at her funny. I've spoken to her before? And all about this stuff? The only person I've ever explained this to before was- Oh god. My face suddenly tensed as I stared at her. "No.. no way" I'm simply..surprised.
She hugged her legs to herself resting her chin on her knees smiling at me. She suddenly looked a lot smaller on that chair in that pose. "Everything is so different now." the way she spoke betrayed her smile. It almost sounded sad.
"You're that girl, from school who kept following me." I gave a slight laugh, one of those scared, freaked out laughs, "Seem's like times haven't changed that much"
She let go of her legs sitting normally on the chair her smile going away, "Things have changed a whole lot. I followed you in school because... w-well you were cool then. But now I just simply need you. For the mission at hand. You could always hack into the computers at school and somehow be able to play your video games on them. And on top of that you had straight A's. You were the genius of the school. Of course a little girl would fall for- for... Like I said things have changed."
Woah. This actually wasn't news. The girl at my school would constantly follow me, ask me questions, and had asked me to constantly help her study. The day after the hacking incident, I was telling it to my friends that I had at the time and bragging about it, they obviously didn't believe me, but she did. So I ended up explaining everything to her. My friends would always tease me about her, as stupid kids do. So maybe she did have a crush on me back then. I kinda doubt she still would now. "Right."

That was probably the longest awkward silence ever. It was actually only like five seconds. "You look very different now." Oh no hurdur, that was over 10 years ago.
"Yeah. You too." she said plainly. I nodded. Wait, was that a good thing? For her it was a good thing. Back then she'd always have untidy hair and constantly wore band-aids. But now she's... Well she's more mature obviously. And she brushes her hair.
"So, now that you remember me, do you remember my name?" she looked back up at me, her smirk returning to her face. s**t, I really don't remember. I don't think she ever did tell me her name.
"Uh... no." her smirk grew into a smile.
"Good." She's so weird.

Well, by the sounds of things, I'm simply here to hack computers. I haven't hacked since I was a kid. Once the group woke up, she explained that their next mission starts tomorrow. And I'm included. I'm going to die. If I'm going to be the computer guy, why am I going out in the field where all the guns and death is? It just doesn't seem logical to me.
I'm stuck in this fox-hole (Hah...eugh.) for today. The birds are both just sitting around watching t.v., Lotti is napping, and the other two are working upstairs in the club. Here I am just writing. Such a weird day so far already. The world feels so much smaller now that I know who she is now and how she knows me... How the hell did she get into this line of work? I figured she'd become one of those geeky pencil pushers. Weird how people change so much over time.

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