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Pictures, profiles, and more.
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[[ Public ]] Character Profiles

Name: Christine Asenath

Age: 110

Clan: Malkavian

Nature/Demeanor: Penitent/Judge

Abilities: +Malkavian Time, +Awareness, Leadership, Stealth, Occult, Empathy, Subterfuge

Disciplines: Dementation x1, Auspex x4, Obfuscate x1

Merits/Flaws: Stigmata (-5), Grip of the Damned, True Faith, Code of Honor

Derangements: Power-Object Fixation (Rosary), Self-Annihilation Impulse

Appearance: 5' 6”, 120lbs, Caucasian, Dirty Blonde Hair, Hazel Eyes

History: Christine, in her mortal life, acted as a preacher of both women's rights and Our Savior, Jesus Christ in Pensacola, Florida. Her inevitable sire was convinced she had the passion necessary to make a formidable Malkavian vampire. Not to mention, embracing a God-fearing Christian seemed like good sport. She was nineteen.

[[ Retired ]] Character Profiles

Crimson Nights [[ Circa 09/06 ]]

Character Name: Jex Marribel
Age: 40
Race: Eagle Lycanthrope
Tribe: Wings of Nyte
Job: Under the Employ of The Bird's Nest
Homid - A tall, fair skinned and large breasted woman, her age only revealed with a close look at her tired eyes. Her hair a braided ponytail that falls just past her shoulder blades; it's a dark, rich brown, like her large eyes. She wears a retro brown leather jacket, complete with fringes, stone washed jeans and cowgirl boots. She has one beautiful piece of hair decor that sits near the base of her ponytail, consisting of gold, feathers and beads.
Crinos - A huge eagle woman, she is quite a fearsome sight in this form. Her head is now more similar to an eagle's than any woman's, her enormous golden beak one of the more intimidating parts of her at this point. Massive dark brown wings sprout from her back, and her fingers and toes can now only be described as talons.
Eagis - A large, beautiful golden eagle. Her feathers are a glossy, rich brown, minus the golden feathers of her proud chest. She has large, alert dark brown eyes and a hooked golden beak with large talons to match. Her appearance is regal and she's just as powerful as an eagle than in any other form.
Bio: There isn't much to tell. She's one of the oldest in her tribe, a tough old bird in the most literal sense. In her youth she left her fellow feathered lycans and traveled America as a biker. To this day she refuses to settle down.

Character Name: Miss Fortune "Your Misfortune" Caraf Vereaux

Age: She appears to be 23 years old, as Fortune Vereaux does, so we shall leave it at that.

Race: Or, better put, what she is, and that is the evil half of Fortune Vereaux.

Powers: The Discipline Chimerstry, the gift of flight, her superhuman speed, strength and stamina, heightened senses, the ability to read auras and project her own, telepathy, Fleshcraft and Bonecraft.

Weapons: Other than her very body, mainly fists and, on occasion, teeth; smoldering cigarettes, chains, the boots on her feet, and other everyday items.

Job: Diablerist

Appearance: Miss Fortune appears as Fortune Vereaux did in her prime, though with her slight alterations. Thin and roughly six feet tall, she has dark red hair which is short, falling just barely to her shoulders. Her eyes are that of all Fae, meaning her irises swirl with the colors of her aura. Miss Fortune's eyes happen to rest anywhere from black to brown to red mainly. Quite unlike Fortune Vereaux, who currently has no wings at all, Miss Fortune has huge, oily black wings protruding from her back. She has created a chimerical construct to hang around her neck, a gold necklace with a blood red heart pendant. She takes rings from those whom's soul she happens to consume, resulting in her wearing a few favorite gold ones around. Of clothing, or the illusion of clothing, she wears black. Anything dark really. She wears this one black hat, pulled low over her brow, with a single dyed red feather, on occasion.

Bio: Her story's the same as Fortune Vereaux's to a point, but before I continue the tale, you must first know the details of what Miss Fortune is. Inside everyone there's good and bad, only when you die does your subconscious fully split. A spirit born into unlife gains something called their Shadow, their evil its own voice in their head, where the living have the good and bad not as clearly defined and much more under control. The Shadow seeks to destroy the good psyche and ultimately itself, as they are one in the same. It's self destructive as well as generally destructive and evil, you see. Fortune, being a Fae, a supernatural being, had her subconscious split prematurely do to her traumas usually induced by her only friend, Chance. Before she realized this had happened, she had begun drinking. Her drinking was a slow way to destroy herself and muddied her thinking, rendering her unable to clearly hear and comprehend her Shadow's further destructive suggestions, thus the Shadow was subdued for a time and faded from Fortune's list of problems if it had ever officially been there. With Fortune's sobering and the arrival of Dante as her savior, the Shadow rose again, unhappy for Fortune's newfound happiness. The Shadow searched Fortune's mind for the perfect way to destroy them both, but before the Shadow could finish its plan, Kayen Vereaux almost did the job himself. Kayen had torn off Fortune's wings, and with this ultimate trauma for Fae, the Shadow escaped its prison, Fortune's simple mind. She burst into the world a bodiless half of a soul, but being born into the world from a Fae, she slowly gained a chimerical body nearly identical to Fortune Vereaux's. Calling herself Miss Fortune, as a pun as well as demand to have a respectful title, she began consuming souls to become more solid, more real; to not just be an illusion, but have an actual body. She is Fortune's evil, and nothing but. She seeks the destruction of Fortune Vereaux still, and may never rest until she lay dead.

Name: Tarah Jaks Mamali
Age: 21
Race: Snowshoe Hare Lycanthrope
Tribe: Whiskers
Powers: Shapeshifting (Forms: Ardis, Crinos, Homid), Heightened Senses (Hearing and Smell), Supernatural Agility (Reaches the Level of Legerity), Telepathy (Communication Within Tribe), Accelerated Healing (After a Form Shift), Side Stepping (Umbral Crossing)
Weapons: Twin Daggers
Ardis - Her hare form. In this form she's roughly 1' 4" tall. She appears as an average snowshoe hare. She has large, white feet, big, black tipped ears, whiskers, beady, chocolate brown eyes, and a cute little tail.
Crinos - Her were form. In this form she's roughly 7' 9" tall. She appears as a willowy, furry hare woman. She has many Ardis features in this form, though they are on a slendor woman's body.
Homid - Her human form. In this form she's roughly 5' 2" tall. She appears as nothing but a pale, petite woman. She has innocent, chocolate brown eyes, high cheek bones, and very soft hair.
Bio: -
Other: Her fur/hair color changes from brown to white as the seasons change from summer to winter and vica versa.
Demeanor - She's a fearless fighter, a protecter of tribe and territory. Addicted to sex and speed, she's fiercely outgoing and seems almost Bipolar when the drug use gets bad.
Nature - Underneathe her addictions she's always afraid, her fear leading her to only really worry about herself. She needs someone, her apparent addiction to sex is her way of screaming she does.

Haven [[ Circa 01/07 ]]

Name: Clover Aislin Teshi
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: Bastet (Werecat)
Tribe: Bagheera (Werepanther)
Pride: Padfoot
Powers: Heightened senses, super speed, strength and stamina, shapeshifting (forms listed under Appearance), and sidestepping (Umbral Crossing).
Catfeet - She can move with perfect balance.
Lick Wounds - She can heal wounds, including her own, with a lick.
Silent Stalking - She can move without making any sound.
Treeclimber - She can travel up and down any vertical surface with use of her claws.
Weapons: Teeth and Claws
Homid - Her human form. In this form she is a teenage girl of African and Irish descent. Her skin is lightly freckled and a caramel color. She has big, clear eyes, a unique dark hazel color. She has a dazzling white smile, full, pink lips and an adorable nose. Her hair is dark, maybe black. Currently, her hair style is a 'fuzz', leaving her round head fuzzy and relatively attention drawing. She has a clover shaped birthmark on her backside. She wears a black girl's tee, guy's jeans and Converses, the outfit shifting with her when shapeshifting.
Crinos - Her were form. In this form she is an anthropomorphic black panther. Her body is covered in black fur, though spots may be seen in certain lighting like rosette prints on velvet. She has huge golden orbs of eyes, the irises ringed in green. Her head is like a leopard’s, small rounded ears protruding from the top of her head, huge fangs sheathed within her mouth, and whiskers grouped around her face. Her body is size and a half of what it was in Homid form, and muscular. Her hands and feet now have razor sharp retractable claws, and a long tail juts out from the base of her spine.
Feline - Her panther form. In this form she is a melanistic leopard. Her coat is chiefly black, though particular lighting reveals a golden sheen and the rosette groupings of spots of common leopards primarily on her brow and flanks. There is one prominent group of spots shaped like a clover on her rump. She has short, powerful limbs with large, padded paws armed with retractable claws. She has a long, sleek tail, like her body, and a thick neck supporting her regal leopard head.
Bio: -
Other: She's a natural skateboarder, considering her catlike balance and reflexes.

Name: “Keegan”
Age: 1694
Race: Imp
Powers: Shapeshifting, Limited Invulnerability, Supernatural Agility
Imp Form
In this form it is small in stature, roughly three feet in height. Its spine is curved and prominent, and its knees are always bent, keeping it in a crouching position when at rest. Its skin is dark crimson in color, and it’s hairless. Two small, dark horns protrude from the top of its forehead, and its ears are pointed and curve upwards. It has a prehensile length of tail with a spade shaped tip, and hands and feet like claws. The face of this genderless creature is only comparable with a smashed in human’s, its teeth like fangs and eyes like hot coals.
Human Form
In this form it appears as an attractive older woman. She’s busty, with large hips and thick thighs, the epitome of curvy. Her face is round, her raven hair long, and she has pouty lips and steel gray eyes with a flicker of orange. She is usually formed with tight fitting clothing, like a small leather corset dress with web stockings, and high heels.
Bio: A lesser demon of sorts, it was created in Hell by the imagination of the newly established Christians around the year 313. It prefers to spend time in the mortal world, for by nature it gets pleasure from tricking and troubling mortals. A shapeshifter normally specializing in shifting into the shadows of spiders or ferrets, it learned to mimic the forms of humans, and amuses itself by fooling and seducing the creatures it mimics. Recently, a slayer by the name of Hermes has been tracking it.

Name: Barnard Trumble
Gender: Male
Age: 40
Species: Dire Bear Therianthrope
Abilities: Alternate Form, Bear Empathy, Improved Grab, Sentinel’s Warning, Nature’s Plenty, Potence
Height - 7’
Weight - 400lbs
This stout, well-muscled and hairy man has a prominent brow and dark, beady eyes. His hair is thick and brown, though short, the hair on his chin longer than the stubble covering most of the rest of his face.
Height - 21’
Weight - 4800lbs
This massive humanoid is covered in shaggy brown fur and has long claws and a bearlike face.
Height - 14’
Weight - 3200lbs
This hulking bear has bony brow ridges and claws like sickles, with a wildness and destructive gleam in its cold, piercing eyes.
History: -

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