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Update on my boringness
This is my journal.I will try not to bore you.It is more like a blog...sort of...
#42-going home
so hello(imaginary)people.I am not blowing you off by not typing. talk2hand wahmbulance I am flying home Saturday morning!!so I am very busy and have barely any time to type here.I am good though and I will type a whole bunch once school starts back up and I am not so busy I promise.Until then i will keep you as updated on my boringness as possible and remain well.

#41-got nothing
I really do not have anything to say.I just have not written in a while so...hello...I am still alive y'alls(I really hate that word)

So I finally have like an actual blog it is on blogger.com(or blogspot.com same thing.)My father set it up for me and i fixed it up from there.He named it Grey Googlie Mooglie it is from a commercial the dude says great googlie mooglie lol ... ... ... ...*crickets*... ... ... ...So he used my nickname instead sad ... ... ... ...yeah confused ... ... ... ... stare rolleyes anyway I am not sure if you can look for it there or if you have to like be a member or what but yeah check it out if possible.haha

#39-went to the beach
okay so I have not written in forever,like two days,and I need to write something.So umm...yeah I went to a beach this weekend.(well there is more than a beach there.)I rolled up my jeans and stood on the shore.I just stood there thinking my father kept asking why I did not change into my swimsuit and swim with my sister but I just really did not feel like it.I thought about stuff.You know how people have there stuff they think about and just zone out and you never really find out what they are thinking about b/c they like never share what is on their mind?...oh wait maybe it is just me that does that...whatever that is why I say stuff.It is nothing important...to you anyway.It is about friends and what I will do ahead of time and feelings.Feelings?I know right?What is crazy Grey(-my nickname if you did not know cool right?)talking about now?Most people I know do not think about it but some feeling are just thoughts but think about it you think about your mother:what she sounds like,what she looks like,what she smells like-then the smell seems real so you think about it and before you know it a memory flashes by and you are smiling-smile=happy=feeling.So I like think of fall and I think of Halloween decorations and old 90s and 2000 Pepsi and Doritos and Pizza Hut and McDonalds and Pillsbury Halloween cookie commercials that I watch on old tapes of Charlie Brown's Halloween and stuff.Then I think of when(instead of Spring cleaning) we will open all the windows in the house on a windy day and just clean everything and afterward I usually go outside and we make Totino's pizza and have mellow cream pumpkins(pumpkin shaped candy corn)while watching Halloween stuff on TV.I also know this sounds lame but we go to an orchard and pick apples and pumpkins.Then we make Jack-o-lanterns and(my sister and I go and stay at my nana's every weekend unless we have something to do.We have since like...idk I was about five before that we lived there)when my sister and I return from my nana's we come home to the windows down and a nice breeze(can I tell I love that I have my window open as much as I can)and my mom has made a pot roast and for dessert she takes the apples we picked and uses them for stuff.
That leads to smell=smile(well I do not smile as much as I probably should)=happy=feeling.Still confused?...well I got nothing...yeah...In other news I went to another awesome place today for my last time until like spring. crying I am not that hurt though b/c...wait for it...wait for iiiiiit I AM GOING HOME IN FIVE DAYS!!!I will see my family and friends and see my wonderful wonderful room(which is a mess but I plan to clean it so I can have my bestie ems over maybe...so excited.)FIVE DAYS!I am even looking forward to school this year I have things to look forward to.Leading into my next big thing Ems and I are going to sing at our school's talent show.This is bad b/c I do not think I am that great a singer but the good thing is it will be my first time performing with Ems so I will get to see how well we sing together since we are the singers in our band Asylum.This may also clear my nerves b/c I hate to admit it but I have stage fright.I did sing a solo or two in a pre-k play(I was a chicken along with this other kid but I sang solo with him standing next to me the first year when we did Noah's Ark and in the the second year they wanted me to be a chicken again with a few other kids b/c we did a farm setting but I ended being the scarecrow which was fun b/c the kid that played the farmer and I were the only ones not dressed as animals in the play so we got to laugh at all the dorks in their big and stuffy animal costumes but I was the only one that was not crammed into a bunch of other kids b/c I stood on the side and I was pretty short at the time so I stood on a stack or two of hay.That year I went up to the front of the stage all by myself and had no kids standing right up on me and sang a song the made:I'm a little scarecrow in the tune of I'm a little teapot.While that all was good the downside was I had to stand while the kids sat and keep my arms up.It was kind of uncomfortable and we had a part where we had to hug the kid next to us but(I guess it is in my nature)I was standing way away from the bleachers the kids sat on so instead of just turning sideways I had to jump of the hay,(which was pretty high up for me at the time so my feet went numb when they hit the hard ground.)walk over to this kid,give him a hug and go back and attempt to climb up the hay again and sand there.Anyway going way back to where I was before my rant about preschool really have not done many solos or duets in school so that will be fun.I am superbly bored right now all my friends are offline so i have nothing to do.I guess i will go to the rally or a guild or something... sad ...so...yeah...

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