Chapter Nine: I'm With Sasuke!

*~ Hiromi Pov ~*

Ah such a nice dream.

"!" I sit up in bed with a start.

"Holy s**t phone the Police, The Fire brigade, My goldfish died! Ahh 'THUMP' Ow" I pick myself up from the floor to find Itachi staring at me trying to keep the smile off his face.

"Say anything and be castrated" Ha Thou shall be warned. Now to find out what woke me up, Well actually I have a pretty good idea. I throw a Itachi's robe on and speed walk down the stairs. Me and Itachi didn't sleep in the living room because well things are better left in the bedroom.

I enter the living to find nearly everyone on the living room floor laughing, except Ino she's still pretty bummed about last night. Now for the main attraction. Where is she? Oh there she is trying to hide behind her sleeping bag.

"Sakura you ok?" I try desperately to hold my laughter in. She throws down the sleeping bag with a huff and the sight I receive couldn't have been better. Sakura's hair has now been turned into a rainbow of colours and accross her forehead reads 'Space For Rent Un!' I'm going to guess that's Deidara's handy work.

"I look like a freak!" Yeah you do.

"No you look fine honestly" Honestly I'm lying.

"Really?" Pfft no!

"Yeah It actually looks pretty cool everyone at school will love it." I ensure. I hear a clicking noise from behind me and turn to see everyone with their phones out taking pictures. Facebook here we come!

*~ Sakura Pov ~*

Well if Hirmoi thinks It's cool then it must be... right? I praise whoever is listening that our school had a major bug infestation and is being cleaned for the first half of today. Maybe I can find someway to cover my new 'mark' if you will.

Ino hasn't spoken to me since last night. Whatever she's not my target and thus of no interest to me.

"Well I'm going to get dressed Sasuke-kun"


"You can jo-"

"Stop right there or I swear I will throw up and possibly die" The rest of the group giglle but I don't don't get it. I shrug my shoulders I honestly just think that Sasuke-kun is shy. So cute.

*~ Deidara's Pov ~*


*~Naruto's Pov~*

Sasuke and his sense of humor.

"I wasn't joking dobe" Did I say that out loud?

"No" Ahh holy crap this is some scray s**t!

"Of course your saying it out loud you turd" Turd! Turd!

"Piss off you poo-poker!"

"Only for you" Ugh. Y'know I just realised Ino's awfully quiet.

"Ne Ino you okay?"

"Hm? Oh yeah I'm fine" Then Hiromi walks over to me and whispers, telling me about what happened last night. Damn poor Ino.

*~ Car Ride Time! ~*

"Okay everyone please make your way to your respectible vehicles"

"What you a traffic warden now dobe?"

"Yes I am now shut the ******** up and get to the car" b*****d, He stalks over to the car, I'm about to follow but just realised I don't have shoes on. ********! I run back into the house to find my shoes. I rummage through everything but find them exactly where I left them last night.

When I get back outside I head to Sasuke's car... Is that a rainbow in my seat?

"Uh Sas?" I point to Sakura menatlly asking why the ******** she's there.

"She won't leave but I'm about 5 seconds from calling Hiromi and having her a** dragged out."

"Nah don't worry about I'll ride with Ino"


"Why don't you take her for a spin around the block" I wink, He smirks and nods. I hop over to Ino's car and climb in. I'm glad Ino doesn't frive like a maniac.

We maek it safely to school but there still any sign of Sasuke and Sakura. 10 minutes later and he finally parks at school. Sakura immediately climbs out and throws up near a little tree. Poor tree.

"What exactly did you do?"

"120 MPH on the highway, doughnuts in an empty parking lot and finally a jump over Karen's Canyon."

"Woah seriously that's a pretty big jump"

"Of course I didn't dobe I don't wanna scratch my baby" Then Sakura perks back up.

"No need to be concer-"

"The car Sakura, I was talking about the car"