[D]on't [P]lay [G]ames.

Play with fire, you burn to dust
Play with a heart, you take away trust
Don't come near if you don't want to burn
But it's not like you have any concern

To what you think life's a game
But believe me, you're getting lame
Why can't you just tell me now?
You can't always walk around and thinking how.

I don't play games don't you see?
Being straight is really fine with me
Because I don't wanna wonder what or when
If I do that I would be sitting on that bench.

You should know by now that it's not fair
It hurts to see you look like you don't care.
I want you to know being friends is alright
But if you leave me like that it's not right.

Believe me because what I say is true
And let me tell you, I'm not feeling blue
I'm just saying cause this wasn't you
If you just want to hurt me, then you're on cue

If you walk out on me like that then you're just sick
It won't be so long until my clock starts to tick
Well goodbye if that's about it
I don't want to stay and throw a fit...

I don't want to waste time with this game
But even if I did, it would still be the same.
Nothing would change until both of us change first
But seeing the things as they are, all I could do is curse