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Tasha's Journal
In a utopian society where everyone is meant to be equal, there are flaws in the system. Some are always better than others in some way or form. The year is 2036, and everyone is cognitively and physically equal. The government is constantly finding ways to make everyone the same. Their newest invention will be the end of humanity as we know it.
Everyone in the country has brown hair and brown eyes. When a child is born, they give them the surgery that makes this so. At birth, they also get tracking devices implanted into their arms. They're only deactivated if the person dies. There are no wealthy people, nor poor people. Currently, the government is working on a pill that will make everyone thin. All citizens over the age of sixteen are required to take this drug. They tested the medicine on rats, and it seemed to work fine at first. Up until a few months ago, the rats were doing fine. Now, they're ravenous blood thirsty creatures. The researchers approved the drug before they knew the horrible results.
The sky was dark and cloudy and the smell of smoke made the young girl cough. There was no electricity, so the fire proofing technology in all the buildings was disabled. It was a miracle she survived the chaos that came only two nights before. She'd been in hiding the whole time. She was hiding from the voracious creatures that used to be her friends, neighbors, and even family. They called the creatures Biters, due to their tendency of biting people.
The fourteen-year-old girl's name was Veda, and her appearance was rather disheveled. Her short brown locks were a tangled mess and there was a mixture of blood and dirt on her freckled face. She almost looked like one of those monsters. The only difference were their eyes. Hers were still the same brown color they'd been since her surgery when she was born, the wraiths' eyes were bloodshot and the irises were transparent.
There were other survivors along with the girl. All of them were under the age of sixteen, since all of the people who took the drug were over that age. The other adolescents looked very much like Veda, they all had the same brown hair and eyes. The only differences in the children were their subtle differences in their facial structure. All the girls had their hair cropped to their chins and bangs cut straight across their foreheads. The boys' hair were all cut just above their eyes. Though some were a little more ragged than others, they were all worn and scared. Not many people survived the first night of the changes.
Veda grew up listening to the government and following every single law and proclamation made. She trusted every word up until a few days ago.
The six young individuals were planning an escape to the nearest place that may have food. It would be difficult since nearly everything in the city is run on electricity. The back up generators were dead as of a few hours ago, and their own physical energy was very low. Being used to having everything given to you with the push of a button made it hard on the children and teenagers to cope.
Being one of the older children, Veda was one of the few chosen to gather supplies. Her and two other teenagers were about to head out when she felt a slight tug at her sleeve. The girl looked down at the child. Veda could see the fear in his eyes, she knew personally that he'd witnessed his parents' death.
Close to tears the boy asked, "Do you have to go back out there?"
Veda knelt down to his level, placed her hand on his shoulder, and gave him a reassuring smile. "We'll be right back for you. Promise."
Although Veda's words were brave, being out on the streets was another story completely. The Biters were lurking around every dark corner in the big city. Her hands gripped the aluminum baseball bat so tightly that her knuckles turned white.
They didn't get more than fifty yards away from their refuge when they saw a hunched figure straight ahead of them in a shadowed area. It was leaning over something that they couldn't make out. The three exchanged glances and continued on quietly, hoping to sneak around the Biter. They were almost in the clear, the Biter was so engulfed in whatever (or whoever) it was eating. Though, when one of the boys, Jax, clumsily tripped over some debris laying on the street, the wraith turned his attention on the adolescents.
"Nice goin' Jax," the other boy, Verral said in a frightened and irritated tone.
The Biter stood and seemed to examine them for what felt like forever. Then, it lunged. Veda was the closest target for the feral human. She shielded herself with the bat as the much larger being knocked her off her feet. She could feel the creature's teeth sink into her forearm. The two boys stood there in shock for a moment before coming to her aid. Verral hit the man in the side of the head and the impact caused him to tumble off the girl. Since the Biter was down, Verral continued hitting it over the head until he was sure it was finished.
Jax helped Veda up while Verral examined the body. "I think this guy was my neighbor," Verral muttered to himself with a hint of dark humor in his voice. The other two didn't seem to notice that she was bit, she hid it with her sleeve as much as she could.
Veda felt like she was going to be sick. "Let's just get out of here."
The trio continued on until they stumbled upon a grocery store. The doors were wide open and it was very dark inside. Veda was reluctant to go inside, but the boys went on ahead without hesitance. "C'mon, Veda," Jax called out to her from inside.
She stepped into the building and an eerie feeling crept over her body like a shroud. The young girl shivered and followed the boys. They searched through the isles until they were stopped short by multiple sets of glowing eyes. She almost screamed but stopped herself by putting a hand over her mouth. The three started to back away slowly, but the Biters attacked anyway.
They made it outside the store and onto the street. The Biters were right on their heels, when a blinding light hit their brown orbs. Veda and the two sixteen-year-old boys shielded their eyes. At first, Veda didn't know what to think about this light. Apparently, the Biters didn't know what to do either, because they were momentarily distracted.
A platform came down from the airship and the kids immediately jumped on board.
The airship apparently came from another city. They'd been searching for any survivors. The people had found them due to their tracking devices that were implanted in their arms. They were able to tap into the city's feed and find out exactly where the living were. All of the passengers appeared so strange to the adolescents. They all looked so different, so unique. After gathering up the other survivors, they returned to their own city. They didn't think to check the survivors for bites, since they assumed the transformation took only seconds.

Cover Letter:

When I first began writing, I was thinking of all the utopia/dystopia society stories that I read in my sophomore English class in high school. We did a whole section on that topic and I really enjoyed reading the short stories. We also read the book Fahrenheit 451 and watched the movie. I was going to write about a vampire before that, but then I changed my mind and went along with the utopian society story.
I think the end of it was really rushed because I was hurrying to get it down on the page. I don't know how I would fix it in the short time I had to write it. (I procrastinated a lot.) I'm not sure if I like the results or not, the whole thing seems kind of jumbled.

Apply a hot compress. Use a clean cloth and thoroughly soak the compress with water. Place the cloth in the microwave for about 25 seconds or until it is hot. Place the compress on your infected belly button and hold is against the infected area until the cloth cools down. You may repeat this a few times. The heat from the compress helps to increase blood flow to the infected area and allows pus to drain.

Rinse the infected area with salt water. Use a teaspoon of table or sea salt with 8 ounces of water. Soak cotton balls or clean cloth thoroughly with the salt water and place on the infected area. You can also use a large bowl to soak the area. Dispose of the materials immediately after use or disinfect the bowl.

Use over-the-counter antibiotic creams (water-based preferably for breathing) for a short period of time. Rub cream onto the infected area and let it soak in. Repeat as needed.

If there is pus and it has not yet drained, apply hydrogen peroxide. The peroxide will assist in draining the pus and clearing the infection. Only use hydrogen peroxide for these reasons; do not use it after the infection is gone.

If the above steps have not worked and you still have an infection, see a doctor immediately.

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