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1) Avi arts only x]
2)Provide a reference picture please, Nothing too small
3)If there's a specific pose that you want, again, provide a reference picture. lol
4)Please have patient in me. I can be extremely busy/lazy when it comes to drawing things & it may take me a while to finish.
5)PM me, if your interested :]

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~{ TO DRAW-LIST }~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Art Contests: (!!!)
1)Fruitful Demon in Training (sexy & evil)<3
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2)Panda Ninja Avi (Cute & sweet)
User Image
3)Vira the Purple Mist (dramatic yet gentle)
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1) Levi's M.A.A. plus B-day special (100k)
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2)Darksaphire2002's F.A.A. (Goth theme) (100k)
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Freebies/waiting list:[/b]
1.Elegant_Juliet (female Avatar art)
2.Dani's request (group art) *work in progress
3.The Most Eloquent Silence (Cupcake Time!)

~~~~~~~~~~{W.I.P (Work in progress) !No stealing!}~~~~~~~~~~~~

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"More to come " :3

~~~~~~{ My D R E A M C O S P L A Y A V A T A R s }~~~~~~~~

1) Peter White (female bunny version)
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Total Value: 6,345,904 Gold

2)Cheshire (hmmm. >.&lt wink
User Image
Total Value: 12,748,268 Gold

3)This is not a cosplay avatar. Its one of my dream avi :3
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Total Value: 2,912,894 Gold
3nodding 3nodding 3nodding