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First of all you can all just call me Anna.
I was born in Bulgaria and i still live here. But anyway
hopefuly i will move to England. I am in 5th grade in school and i am 12 years old already.
My life isn't always pink as some people would think but i dont want to give you
a long explanation about everything. Lifes mine so sorry :O

I am currently studying english and i study Englsih from about 4 years and this will be
my 5th year. I have many friends ((YAY!!!))...and that is probably nice.
I love to watch anime very very very very very ....MUCH.
But my favorite anime of all is InuYasha.
It was the first anime i ever watched and i just love it now.

I am a crazy person...yes i know that. But thats because i just want to have sum fun.I love to eat spaghetti!!! They are so yummy O_O.
Sometimes i can get mad easy...but...at least i see my mistakes after. But i am actually a very friendly person and when my friends are around me they
laugh all the time ^-^...((i like saying jokes))
I role-play a lot in gaia and its like...my hobby or something.
I am currently in about 11 guilds and i am having fun in all of them. Sadly...i dont have any friends from real life that play gaia online D: . I really like to draw...but i dont do avi art o.o i dont have enough skills for that and also i dont have the things to do the kind of avi art the others do here on gaia.

Bwahh i am 1 metre and 56 centimeteres tall and i have brown hair and the kind of green eyes.I am not first beauty and NO I WONT share a picture with you...exept if you are one of my bestest friends. ((that means - BWAHAHAHAHAHAAA))
Ow and between...i live in south Bulgaria and YES BULGARIA IS NEXT TO GREECE.
I feel so bad when i say when i am from and the other person sais "Where's that?"
And then i just have to answer the stupid question! Just look on the damn map...its not so hard. O_O

Well thats it for now...i think thats most about me...so...have fun in my journal!