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Shay woke with a start. She grasped for air clutching the blanket to her throat.
"What is it?" Darrien stirred and sat up. Shay looked at him in blurry eyed confusion. The fire had bured down low but she could still make out his broad bare chest and dark chiseld features. "I had a nightmare." she whisperd.
"About what?"
"I dont remember."
Shay sudddenly realized how much the temperature had dropped and that Darrien had given her the only blanket.
"You must be freezing." she said "Why dont you get under here with me?"
His body tensed. He said nothing.
Shay pulled back the blanket and tugged on his arm.
"Really your going to kill yourself if you dont."
Darrien paused, finally, he sighed and scooted in close towards her. Shay rolled her eyes. No other guy had ever had such a hard time being close to her, she thought.
They layed down, and Shay coverd them with the blanket. Then she turned to face him, and wrapped her arms around his body to generate more heat.
A few minutes passed in silence. The night wind rustled though the trees, the burning of the logs crackled, and it felt cozy under the blanket.
Shay realized that only her thin shirt provided a barrier between her and Darriens bare chest. Her face just inches from his throat, and her breathing in his smokey scent.
Shays feelings were over whelming, she couldnt help but to fall for him. Although she couldnt forget how he had pulled away from her the last time they were together. The memory stung and confused her,
But in that moment Shays body was filled with longing. Trembing, she leaned forward and put her mouth to his neck, touching her lips to his warm skin, He drew in a small breath and pulled back slightly.
At first Shay thought he was going to reject her again. But when he threw back the blanket and feasted his eyes on her, she knew he wasnt going to. With the rush of cool air, she was aware of every inch of her skin. Her Pjs fresh and soft, same were his boxers, the only thing he wore.
Darrien eyed her and said, "Your beautiful." Shay moistend her lips, tasting the salt of his skin. Its exactly what shes been wanting to hear. But she still didnt understand why he just couldnt admit this before. "Is this the first your noticing?"
"I wanted you the first time i saw you." he said staring into her eyes. "But i couldnt risk messing up our relationship. I was scared getting involved with you would have made things awkward."
"So now?" Shay answerd.
Darrien Glanced at her again, and finally said "Will you go out with my Shay?"
Before getting her answe through Darrien gently brushed his hand though her hair. Stroking her jet black hair. He pulled himself close, touching his lips to hers.
Shay reacted, and moved her arms around his neck holding him close.
Finally Darrien Pulled away from a kiss that seemed like hours. Calmy waiting for an answer.
Shay was lost for words, but managed to say "Of course Darrien, I love you."

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