I walked in with my arms folded tightly. My hands were shivering. I was scared of what would happen. As negative thoughts filled my mind I slowly walked to my homeroom class. Many unfamiliar faces all turned their attention to me. Perfect, just what I wanted, the world to stare at me! Why me of all people? I hated attention. I sat down in the back for the classroom and hoped the day would end sooner.
The bell rang for lunch. I walked out of the classroom alone .Yeah, that right all alone. After 1 day and 2 blocks already gone I didn’t make a single friend. I went for a stroll around the school. Back and forth through the hallways. Some people started to stare at me in awkward ways. Well, they had the right to do that. I mean how many times did those poor people had to see my face pass by them. It was probably the millionth time I walked all around the school until lunch was over.
Day after day I did the same thing at lunch. I Alyson Jones was officially a loner. Well so much for hearing all the pleasant things about high school my sister told me about. It wasn’t that great after all. I headed down the hall to my gym class, just hoping I would make a friend. Next thing you know BOOM, I have a friend. Her name was Nancy Smith. She was tall and had black short hair. Nancy wasn’t as shy as I thought she would be. That was the beginning of my high school journey. I wanted to treasure this moment forever. Alyson had just made a friend.
It had been 1 and a half month into the new school year and I was on a hot streak. I made many friends. I was really happy. At the same time I wasn’t. I had a lot to complain about to god. First of all, my life was a mess. Sure I had friends, but I wanted more than just that. My life was all plain and boring. If only my life turned into a drama. Not that I wanted some guy to fall in love with me and all. I wanted something extraordinary. Something that would bring thrill and adventure to my life. Well, to be honest that the only complaint I had. So god should take it under some consideration. I wish my life was the most dramatic life ever!
The next few months were pretty boring. All we did was work, work and more work. That was the only thing me and my friends talked about too! “Hey Alice, whatcha getting in math?” Kyla and Nancy asked. They called my Alice for short. “Just because u nerds are good at math doesn’t mean u brag about it!” I shot back. Nancy, Kyla, Abby, JP, Elizabeth, Rose, Sarah and I started walking down the hall talking about random things. We were walking to the cafeteria when all of a sudden I bump into this guy really hard. I look back and I’m about to say sorry when my eyes lock with his eyes. I froze right there. I couldn’t move a muscle. The only thing I could see was him; the rest of the world froze as well.

My face went red while Elizabeth started dragging me through the halls while spazzing at me. The only thing on my mind was the guy I had bumped into. “Wasn’t his hair so damn nice?” I said, practically screaming in the hallway. “Shut up Alice! You didn’t see the death glare he was giving you, did you?” Abby said. “Who cares about that? I should make my hair like that too!” JP said. Abby and JP started arguing as usual, but I zoned out. The only thing I could think about was his hair; it was the nicest hair I’ve ever seen in a long time.
A week had almost passed by after that incident. I found out that the nice hair guys were in my gym block. I was shocked and Nancy was annoyed. He seemed really nice when he talked to his friends, but there was one thing that made me really curious. I thought back to what Abby said about him giving me a death glare. Why would he? I mean people bump into each other all the time this wasn’t something new.

Before I knew it, I was stalking them. Yeah, I said it. I started stalking him and his friends. We had a code name for his as well, which was BUMP. I know it’s a lame name, but that bump started it all. I found out everything about them, their classes, their names, where they hang out, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Yes, I admit it, I sound like a creeper, but it was fun. I didn’t know why I was doing this, but all I knew is that I was starting to get a little obvious.

I was walking home with Abby, and Kyla, when I saw Bump staring at me. He was sitting on the bleachers in the gym. A chill ran through me. I ignored him, well tried to ignore him.....and it didn’t work out that well.
Now Tyga (bump’s real name) and his gang were getting on my nerves, how annoying can they actually get? They were everywhere I went. At the end of the day my sister’s friends, my friends, and I stand near the entrance of the school in a circle just to talk. Tyga thought it would be cool just to roam around us. I got annoyed and walked out of the school and headed home. I looked behind me and saw that Tyga and his gang were right behind me. They tried making it look normal, but it was clearly a fail. I could easily tell that they were following me.
I started walking faster and so did they. It sucked that I was walking home alone today, Kyla and Abby just had to ditch me today, and usually they walk home with me. I tried ignoring them, which was kind of impossible. Well, I guess this was the end of me then.

It started to rain and the wind blew wildly. The rain drops slid down my cheek as if they were tears. I was soaking wet. I looked behind me the hundredth time just hoping they wouldn’t be there, but they were still there. “You know what Alyson; you go up to them and ask them what their problem is.” I whispered to me. It was time to face my biggest fear, Tyga. I stopped walking and took a deep breath. I turned around and to my surprise they weren’t there. Nobody was behind me. They had left the other way. I kicked the tree right next to me really hard. My sister ran up to me and asked what happened, but I walked away in silence. This time I was thankful it was raining. As water fell from my eyes I walked home.
I had thought about it all night. Paranoid was the best word to describe me right now. I wondered why I had even started this. Fear was taking over me, which wasn’t decent.

Tyga is the scariest and mysterious person I’ve ever seen. His stupid death glare was so freighting. It gave me goose bumps. I was really pissed off when I entered my block 1 class, which was French. “Alice, what’s up? You seem kind of worried.” Sarah said in her soft voice. “I don’t know! I don’t know anything! Why me?” I said. “What happened?” Sarah asked. “It’s probably bump.” Elizabeth said sounding annoyed. I ended up telling Sarah and Abby everything, since Elizabeth already knew what was going on. They thought I was joking, but I somehow convinced them that I was telling the truth. That’s when they started to worry too.
I stayed after school for 3 hours. I went to the after school tutor program to get my mind off of things. Things like Tyga. It was already 7 o clock when I left the school. It was pretty dark outside, but I didn’t want to bother my mom about picking me up right now. I started to walk back home.

It was really cold outside. I had butterflies in my stomach. Partially because I was all alone, walking in the dark. All of a sudden I saw something move. “It was probably a squirrel.” I assured myself. But then I heard it again. I started getting a little scared. All sorts of thoughts filled my head. I walked under the street lights when I saw a shadow behind me. I was sure it was the shadow of a man. I quickly turned around and nothing was there. I wiped the sweat off of my forehead. I was probably hallucinating things now. I turned back and headed home, but then I saw the shadow again, I was sure of it now. Someone was behind me. This time I didn’t turn around, I started walking faster to confirm that that person was following me, and it did. The shadow followed me.

I changed direction walked into a really dark alley. Right as he turned into the alley, I hit him with my textbook onto his head real hard. He fell to the ground holding his head and then went unconscious. He had a small cut on his forehead. He started to move a little, and tried saying something. I could only make out a few words like, you...........destroy...life....pay....price. I ran for my life, I didn’t know what was going on, who that guy was and why he said that. So many things were happening in my life and they were happening too fast. I needed a break.
I ran as far as I could, far enough that he wouldn’t find me. I was all alone, standing on the sidewalk of some place I didn’t know of. Breathing really hard I started finding my way home.

A stream of tears slid down my cheeks. My hands shivered wildly. The wind howled as I wept louder and louder each second. I fell onto the ground trying to calm myself down.

When I opened the door to my house, I found my mom crying and my dad sitting on the sofa with his hands on his forehead. “Mom.” I called out. “Alyson, where on earth were you, we were worried sick!” My dad screamed at the top of his lungs. “Ma...Mom.......th...there....after me.” I said. Just as those words came out of my mouth, the world started to spin and went black.

I woke up the next morning and found myself in my room. I took the day off and stayed home, away from the world, away from Tyga, safe at home.
After a peaceful day at home, I got dressed for school. I headed out the door. My mom called from behind, “be safe, and get home on time.” “Okay.” I said.
When I went to school, I saw Tyga; he had a huge band aid on his forehead. He glared at me like usual as I passed by him. Things weren’t fine anywhere in my life, not at school, and not at home. My dad seemed pretty tensed. Well, it’s kind of normal because he is a lawyer and all, but he seemed a little too tensed. It seemed that he lost a case, but it was usual for him, he had never lost a case in his life. I felt like my parents were hiding something from me.

The next morning, guess who was sitting in where my friends and I sit. You probably guessed Tyga. And you’re absolutely right. My blood started to boil at the sight of him. He looked at me and gave me the same glare he always did. There was nobody around since it was so early in the morning. I started walking away, when he grabbed my wrist. I had a sudden urge to slap him across the face. I turned to him and said “what?” “You thought you and your family could get away with everything you guys have done to me and my family?” He said while clenching his teeth. “What did I ever do to you in the first place and why are you dragging my family into this? All I did was bump into you by accident and you made a whole fuss about it!” I shouted. He froze for a second. “You really don’t know what happened? Do you?” He said smirking. “You want to tell me what happened!” I said really annoyed.

“When I was 3 years old, your dad killed my parents.” He started off. “Your dad is a lawyer right?” He asked. “Yeah, he is, but why?” I asked confused. “Well, your dad fought a case against my parents and proved them wrong. The case was complicated. My parents were accused of killing someone in a car accident, but I know they didn’t kill that person; I was in the car with them. And in an instance your dad proved them wrong and they had to be executed.” He said with tears filling his eyes. “That’s when I decided I would take revenge, as soon as I found out you were Mr. Jonathan Jones’s daughter, I knew just the way to get to him and finish him off. He is probably coming here right now.” He said clenching his teeth.
Within a few seconds my dad was here. Tyga grabbed my dad by the arm and twisted it. I screamed, “Tyga, leave him alone, don’t do this, you’ll regret it.” “Get away from him Alice!” My dad said screaming. Tyga pulled out a switch blade and I pulled out my cell phone and dialled 9-1-1. Tyga put the switch blade onto my dad’s neck and cut it very deep, my dad screamed in pain. I tried pulling Tyga away from my dad, but it was impossible, he was taller and stronger than me. Why was the police taking so long? Why was this happening to me? By the time the police came students crowded around watching, while the teachers told them to go to their homeroom classes. The police finally took Tyga and his friends away and hand cuffed them. That was the last time I saw that maniac and never wanted to see him ever again in my entire life.

The ambulance came and took my dad away. I sat beside him in the ambulance. Right now, I didn’t want my life to be a drama. Never would I ever want my life to be a drama ever again. I regretted wishing this wish. I sat there crying with my dad’s hands in my hands.