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A peek inside my mind

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So, lately at my school there's been a lot of talk about this kid that everyone thinks is a couple cards short of a full deck (in other words, everyone thinks he's psychotic) and there's also been a lot of talk about him shooting at our school. O____O
I don't usually believe rumors and all, but this is kinda freaky because I thought he seemed a little odd when I first met him and I suspected that he might not be okay in the head... >.>
This has really been bugging me and I wonder if I/someone should tell a teacher or parent or something in case the rumors are true otherwise innocent people could get hurt. This is really weird because you don't think of these things happening in real life at your school even though you see it on T.V. but you never think these things can happen at your own school.

Anyway, some kid from a school club he was in told him off so he quit that school club (this happened about 3-4 days ago and I found this out from a friend who's in the school club with him). Before this happened, he used to sit with some classmates and me during lunch, but ever since then, whenever he comes to our lunch table, he just sits and glares at everyone and walks away to some other table (freaky much?). But no one at our lunch table ever did anything to offend him as far as I know. He happens to be in one of my classes, my home room class, and my lunch period and IF he really is gonna do something crazy, I don't wanna be anywhere near when he does. >.>

It's all so weird. I'm debating on whether or not I should tell an adult because I don't want to get an innocent person in trouble....but if he's not innocent, then telling would be a good thing. I think I'll ask my parents about it first... >.>
Well, that's it for now.

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