I had a dream the other night(actually earlier in the day because god forbid I sleep at night... ((While the cats are away, the mice will play, right?))).

The point of this is so that I don't forget any vital info that my dreams might be tellin' me... or just so later on in the future I can hook up the connections between then and now.

So the dream I had... It was of me, sitting on some chair, a somewhat rather old and heavy book in my lap. I was reading it, and it was as if someone wrote all of my conversations and what I did.

I especially remember "You're my one of the top freshies"
"But I'm not a freshmen anymore..."
"Don't worry, you'll always be my freshie."


I remember that much. Then a whole bunch of other crazy s**t that really I can't find connecting to anything out of the ordinary.