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My role-play characters This is where I put the detailed versions of my characters for reference and such.

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Name: Kai
Age: 17-20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual, but thought to be Asexual
Species dependant on roleplay: Human
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Purple
Nationality: English
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 10 Stone
Body Type: Lean and lanky, in other words, very slim

Full Biography of Kai

Kai is the youngest brother of two. His older brother is five years older then him and helped raise him when either parents weren't there.

Kai from a young age didn't bond well with either his parents no matter what they did to try and engage him. They got worried and took him to see a therapist to see if anything was wrong. All tests came back negative, the therapist coming to the conclusion that he was naturally anti-social. Of course, this still worried them to know end.

When Kai started school he was withdrawn and kept to himself. That's where he met his friend Mizuki Yamaguchi, a girl who had recently transferred to the school. Whilst other kids left Kai alone, Mizuki constantly hung around him. Without him realizing the two became friends. As such they stuck with each other through thick and thin, the thick being when Mizuki's grandmother died.

At the age of ten Kai's mother was killed in a crash. At the time he didn't think much of it as he wasn't very close to her. However, he went and stayed with Mizuki for the week as his father didn't want anyone in the house, especially the children. It was there that the fact his mother was dead hit Kai, causing him to break down in front of her. Kai said how he regretted not being close to the woman and didn't want others to leave. Mizuki responded with:
"Don't worry I won't leave, I promise.". Kai had stuck to her like glue for the week he was at her house. Once he returned home he stayed quiet once more and kept his feelings to himself. This was starting to prove dangerous as he would have outbursts every now and then, the way he would release these outbursts was through self infliction on his back, causing it to quickly gain scars.

When Kai started secondary school he met Steven and Jeromie. At first he didn't like them and refused to talk to the boys, however Mizuki soon started forcing him to hang around them. Like with Mizuki, Kai soon became friends with them without realizing it. The four soon started up a school band within the school music club, Kai deciding he would do sounds that they couldn't play with instruments and lighting. This is because he didn't want to be on stage. Mizuki, Steven and Jeromie agreed with the idea.

At the age of fourteen Kai was being teased by another class mate. In this time he tried his best to ignore it, however the teasing kept happening and started to get to the point where the the boy started poking or shoving him to try and get him to respond back. Kai snapped and stood up putting his hand on the chair next to him. When his class mate said "You finally saying something?!" he picked up the chair and smacked him around the head with it making the other boy fall to the floor. However, whilst normal people would have stopped there Kai didn't and continued to hit him with the chair breaking bones in his face and shoulders as well as tearing up half his face. It wasn't until Mizuki stood in front of the boy that he stopped, with Steven holding onto Kai's arms and Jeromie taking the chair out of his possession that Kai stopped.

Kai wasn't seen for a week after this, the boy he had beaten transferred to a different school the next day. Mizuki, Steven and Jeromie became worried about the boy and went to find him after school at the end of the week. They were told by his sister that Kai hadn't left his room, but had been to see a therapist about his outbursts over the years. Upon learning this the group of three were invited in. They found Kai reading normally in his room. Mizuki asked if there was anything that Kai wanted to talk about, by which Kai responded with a know. They decided to leave it at that instead of badgering him.

As Kai grew older his self harming got worse but not to the point of suicide. To this day he still keeps it a secret from people.


Kai is very quiet and keeps to himself. He doesn't let people know what his feeling and instead bottles up these feelings. He doesn't take teasing well and will try and get out of it if he can. He finds the talk about his mothers death a sensitive subject and hasn't fully got over it, as such he doesn't like talking about her; however when he does it's very highly. Kai gets confused over his emotions and if it's one he doesn't understand caused by a particular person he will try and avoid that person as much as possible until he no longer feels what's making him feel weird. Kai doesn't forgive easily, nor does he trust easily. He can be very cold hearted and will find ones misfortune amusing if his in the right mood.

Most known likes:

- Reading
- Staying by himself
- The night (his a bit of a night owl)
- Horror genres

Most known dislikes:

- Being touched by others
- Being confused about what his feeling
- Confrontation
- Having his outbursts of anger

Not well known facts about Kai:

- Kai is a bit of a technology freak, he regularly fixes his sound board when it breaks.
- The closest people in his life are Mizuki, Steven and Jeromie, these are also the only people he trusts with his life
- Kai isn't a fan of sweets, but is willing to try when asked by his friends
- He enjoys piano music over all music.
- He himself is fluent in German, and will have conversations with Jeromie in German from time to time.

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