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Bastend's Story Its a Journal

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This one IS about Eko Bastend, Tora and Zero. THAT IS ALL.


It was On the 5th Day that all 9 chosen ones were almost done with their Training.
all of them were Pumped and ready to DEFEAT the Bad BAD BAD BAD man Nomed.
Except for Bastend.
Who wasnt Used to Fighting, hurting things, or Running for that matter :I
They were all in Twilight's dawn Town square Sprawling with each other.
And Bastend Was sitting on a bench Resting.
It was 12:00 in the afternoon.

Zorxtwan Approached Bastend sweat rolling down his face

Zorxtwan- Come on Bastend! *huff* everone else IS fighting But you, you need to kick it into Gear if we want to defeat Nomed *huff*
Bastend- But OWM Tired! and and Hungry... i havent eaten In like 5 hours and Owm So HUNGRY!!!!! Bwaaaaaa!1!!
Zorxtwan- um... why are you saying "owm"?
Bastend- Huh?
Zorxtwan- N-nevermind... Just get up and do some stretches atleast...
Bastend- Owm Tired......
Zorxtwan- come on big man,

Zorxtwan pulls bastend up from the bench and Bastend just Flops lazily onto the ground. and falls off the bench with No grace at all.
Bastend Just sits there blank Faced until Mysteria Comes over.
she walks up to bastend holding a water bottle and a sandwitch

mysteria-Batsend, here, did you run your 3 miles today?
Bastend- YES! and it SUCKED HORSE SHITS! Owm Tired now...
Mysteria- Owm?
Bastend- Huh?
Mysteria- Never mind. here just eat this okay?

mysteria rubbed bastend's back while he took a bite of the sandwitch with a BIG smile on his face.

Bastend- Oh Mysteria! your SO.... Wonderful! and... you Put EXTRA MUSTARD! Oh you DO LOVE ME DONT YOU MISTY!?!

Mysteria- *giggles* yes bastend, we all love you! Now get up and me and Tora will be your sprawling partners!
Zorxtwan- Wait... you were supposed to be my partner...
Mysteria- huh... OH! Im sorry zorxtwan! you can fight with Tora!
Tora- meow!

he raises his hand
Zorxtwan&Mysteria- Yes Bastend?
Mysteria- come again?
Bastend- I want tora today, so i can sprawl with her, and she can make me work out! when i was at my mommy's house id loose wieght when i played with my Kitty Meow meow! There like... A WORK OUT MACHINE! on 4 scrawny little cute kitty legs!

Mysteria- O-oh kay... that will be fine But i have to ask tora first, Tora, Is it alright with you?
Tora- Meow
Bastend- What she say?
Mysteria- She said that it would be Fine!

Mysteria is about to hand the Purring tora to bastend when she pulls her hands back really fast

Mysteria- Now Bastend... if anything happends to tora... I WILL DESTROY YOU! got it? no pressure

she hands tora over to him
Mysteria- Come on zorxtwan, and basted
Bastend- yeah?
Mysteria- No pressure. Be careful with her. or...

she makes a gesture of cutting her throat.
Zorxtwan adn Mysteria walk back over to the Square where they were.

bastend just looks at the purring tora
Tora- meow, row,meow meow meow?
Bastend- WHa?

Shugo comes walking up to Bastend and hes holding eko.

Bastend- h-hi Shugo!
Shugo- Hi Bastend, here, shes Yours.

he puts eko down. she just has a Dumb face on
Shugo- she is... Something else, i seriously will never understand why you can be around her for HOURS on end. well.... Im going to go Bench Press or something...and... why do you have tora?
Bastend- Owm Renting her for the day...
Shugo- Okay,,, well... Owm?
Bastend- Huh?
Shugo- Nevermind....

he just walks off. Bastend Looks at eko and he is stil holding the nolonger purring tora.

Bastend- Hey EKO!
Eko-....*dumbfounded face*
Bastend- Eko?
Bastend- E-eko?
Tora- meow?
Eko- im sorry waaa?
Bastend- Eko? are you alright?
Bastend- N-no....

eko slaps bastend.
Bastend- OW! what was that For!?!
Eko-.... you know... i forgot! I WANT WAFFLES!
Bastend- Eko...your scaring me...
Tora- meow.....
Eko- Hey bastend...
Bastend- Yes Eko?
Eko-... TAG!

eko slaps bastend across the face leaving a red mark she then runs away laughing mancally and then she falls and just lays there
the concerned bastend and Tora travel to were the eko is.
shes just laying on the ground repeating the words
Eko- Waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles waffles
Bastend- Okay... LETS TRAIN TORA!
Tora- Meow!

Bastend takes out his Scissors and takes a battle stance. Tora then turns into a Tiger.
Tora- Rawr!
Bastend- Narghheeghhh *makes a really ugly face*

Tora charges at bastend and Bastend goes to swing at her when she disapears into thin air. BAstend Tumbles over and is all like WTF happened? the Tiger Tora then appears behind bastend and tackles him to the ground.
Bstend makes some gross noises and attempts to pull tora off of him but her massive paw is crushing him down into the ground.
as all the other chosen ones are fighting each other,
Mysteria and Zorxtwan
Chimera and Noctune
Shugo and Kousetsu
and... Eko Fighter Her Sanity...
SOmething Horrible happened to the Town!

A Giant Net was Cast over the Sky, concealing Twilights DAwn in a Giant Criss cross shadow.
and Demons dropped from the sky
And one Boss Demon set herself atop of the clcock tower with a Giant MegaPhone ready to tell her messege. She licked her Lips and Spoke with a Raspy voice

"alright twilight Dawn, This is Antsei the Demon of Flight Speaking, and I am here to tell All of you that We have Rigged the Town full of Bombs,and I have here in my Hand a Switch that will set off all the Bombs and Destroy Twilights Dawn! Uless that is, all Nine of the Chosen ones Give themselves up with a Non-Violent Surrender. Now i KNOW you All are here, and Listening. So. I Want to MAke this FUn, I give you One Hour to Save the Town from 500 OF my Bird Demons, If you Bring Me a Feather from EACH of the Birds, I wont destroy you. But if you Fail to do so in the Hour, then I will Blow Up the Town.
So what is it Chosen Ones, Give Up, Try to Save your Town, Or... get Blown Up anyway. Ill be Waiting. "

Antsei just sat herself comfertably down as the 500 Demons SPread across all of Twilights Dawn.

Mysteria- CRAP! What are w

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