I wish people weren't so shallow.

I hate superficial people. Since the world is pretty much filled
to the brim with them, it gives me another reason to hate the world.

I hate looking at someone's appearance. For me,
I don't care what you look like but if I call you ugly then you must be an AWFUL person.

It's the reason I hate compliments.
I hate compliments from stranger's especially, because they don't know me.
They can't tell me I'm cute or pretty because they don't know anything about me.

For the people who do know me and say that stupid stuff, they're lying.

I'm ugly both ways, I don't even like looking in the mirror.

But anyways, why can't people be judged by actions not by whatever the hell they look like?

[[ For the weinies that think someone insulted me,
no that is not the reason I made this.
I overheard someone at school talking
about someone I know and I got pissed ]]