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Game w/ Camille
R:Mint was walking her dog when Lettuce randomly came up and b***h slapped her.
C:Mint said, "WTF YOU UGLY b***h?!"
R:Lettuce said, "SHOT IN THE MOUTH!" And laughed in her face, spitting a little.
C:Then Mint beef stewed lettuce in her mouth by bending over and jumping really high.
C:Mint screamed with victorious power.
R:" DAYUMMM GIRL!" Lettuce shrieked. "What the ******** you been eatin'?"
C:Mint laughed and said," I ate it from our cafe!" 3nodding
R:"Oh god. Maybe Ryuu added extra special bean sauce to provoke this. Maybe your nasty a** farts turn that little ******** on. Stranger things have happened!" Lettuce says. *transforms into mermaid/fish* "I MEAN WTF LOL?"
C:Random stranger walks in and says, "DAYUMM GIRL. Sup with the mermaid-ness? Aww hell no what's that stank?"
R: Lettuce runs away crying and then runs back. "OMG IT'S NOT RAINING LOL!"
C:Sadly, Mint had already gone to a strip club working her graveyard shift.
R:Thus, Lettuce had been talking to herself.....
C:Zakura runs up whacking Lettuce with a baseball bat knocking out Lettuce's teeth and fugly glasses.
R: "WTF LOL? My Mom bought these glasses for me! Ew what's this red stufF?" Lettuce then drinks her own blood.
C: Zakura rolls her eyes rolleyes and punches Lettuce in the face again causing her big nose to break.
R:"Woah, the ******** is your problem a**?!" Lettuce asks.
C:"Your face!"Zakura smirks.
R:"Uhhh look who's talking, Middle Part!"Lettuce says. (Zakura got owned.)
C:" You have one too..." Zakura comes back.
R:"No, mines a side jackass. KYS LOL" Lettuce says but is interrupted by Zakura's paparazzi.
C razz aparazzi 1: "Hey Zakura, who's that ugly b***h by you!"
R razz aparazzi 2: "Hey, Jeff (directed towards paparazzi man1)! Don't talk to her! Didn't you just hear that ghetto chick with the green hair and bloody face? Zakura has a MIDDLE PART!"
C razz aparazzi1: "OMG IS THAT CONTAGEOUS?"
R razz aparazzi2 "IDK but we can't take any chances! Sorry, middle part-- i mean Zakura. But we're going to need someone else for our photoshoot..." *turns to walk away and then sees Lettuce*
C razz aparazzi1: "Not that ugly b***h!"
R razz aparazzi2: "BUT WE'RE DESPERATE!!!!!!!"
C razz aparazzi1: "She has a middle part too, dumbass!"
R razz aparazzi2: "Didn't you just hear her say she had a sidepart? You douchebag."
C razz aparazzi1: "But she's a fish. Fish are stupid."
R: Lettuce changes into human again. "I'm not REALLY a fish. Look how sexy I am!" She Flashes paparazzi.
R&C: PAPARAZZI1+2 "BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" The two paparazzi men throw up. Paparazzi 2 kills himself, right on the scene.
C razz aparazzi 1: "OH s**t!" He says, running other direction towards strip club.
R:Lettuce chases after paparazzi 1. "WAITTTT I'M PRETTY!" She screams, but does not convince paparazzi 1.
-to be continued-

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