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"You must work harder to be in a better position."
Kiara Jeanine
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----------------------------------------------League of Legends

Name: Kiara Jeanine
Age: 21
Country: Ionia
Element(s): Wind, Water, Earth, Fire
Position: Support/Adc
Status: Priestess
Good pairs:
- Master Yi
- Karma
- Leona
- Yasuo

- Darius
- Draven
- Swain
- Katarina

Weapon(s): Staff


Lore: When Kiara was born, she lost her parents there for was left at a temple in Ionia where she was destined to sacrifice her life to protect Runeterra. However; there were those that wanted to stop that prophecy and they had been traveling temple to temple; destroying and slaughtering those who wanted it to continue on. This lead the temple in Ionia to be attacked when Kiara was twenty years old- she was the last survivor when Master Yi and Leona were successful in protecting her and getting her to safety and to now pushing her pilgrimage to begin her sacrifice. Without telling the truth about the journey; Leona had chosen Yasuo to journey at her side in her protection and with question against it; Leona knew that Yasuo wanted to find the killer of Ionia's elder and clear his name for Ionia's good and doing so would more likely help-- or so Leona believes. Talking Yi into accepting the fact; Master Yi, Irelia, and Karma had set out on their own to each temple to make sure safety reached the other priests who knew Kiara would be arriving. However they were all killed off not too long before Kiara was able to make it to either of them. It was upon meeting with Sivir that Yasuo learned of Kiara's fate and there for dedicated to end this journey-- not wanting to lead someone to their death without their choice. Sivir wanted Kiara to be left in her care but was refused when Kiara believed she could find another way to finish the prophecy without giving her life.


Lady Dreyar
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Lady Dreyar
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