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My Thoughts Just stuff I wanna write about.

Spiklyn Jaid
Community Member
4 Random Poems
1. The Player
around them
that's where i always see him
he's always saying stuff
trying to sound tuff
he doesn't realize it
he can't analyze it
he doesn't need to play the act
he already cool that a fact
he's rapping
and tapping

2. The Story of a Frog
in the lake
i leap a fake
as i hop
to the top
i see a yummy fly
my, my, my
as i spurt out my tongue
into my mouth the fly is flung
chrunch, chrunch, chrunch
it's not that much
of a deal
to feel
all these guts
i must be nuts

3.My Fight
i'm losing all my strenght
they can't see it
i walk with a frown
why am i so invisible
with each headache
the pain and anger increases
my stomach hurts
my eyelids are heavy
theres a lump in my throat
i want to let it go
but it won't give up
it's so hard to fight

4. My innocence
i feel like a goddess
like i received ur kiss
i don't have to worry
i adorn my body
with darn jewelry
i have to hide
put all my fears aside
i really want to cry
for some reason, i don't know why
my tears won't come
my emotions are numb
at times i'm about to explode
all my depression will decode
all my tears will erupt
all my fears will corrupt
never does my soul agree
though i never plea

The Dragon Story
In the wind
I gracefully soar
The Flame doesn't mend
With my mighty roar
The terror will be in the hearts
The blood will be upon the darts
My legs are towers
Stronger than many superpowers
My neck is
not his
My scales
behold secret tales
What's seen
by my eye
is so keen
that there's no lie
Doing Wrong
Is not my voice
It's mostly strong
But not with my choice
In the past
I had a blast
I was a killer
It was a filler
Though I had a yearn
To take a turn
I wanted to make it right
I didn't want to fight
Then, it was silent
In the night
no moonrays had to be bent
for me
For, the world I see
Isn't dark at all for me
I lay by open flame
THe death is truly lame
So I think
with a drink
Who am I
Is my life all in a lie
DO I have to kill
No joy does it fufill
In my thought
the evil in me
was being fought
In the end the evil in me had to flee
Now I am free
From that dangerous degree
I listen to my own voice
I have made the choice
TO soar gracefully in the sky
And never again will and angel cry

Spiklyn Jaid
Community Member

Spiklyn Jaid
Community Member
Hello, can you hear me?
hello, can u hear me? I'm all alone sitting in a deep abyss of nothing. I can see nothing. I can see no-one. I can hear nobody. I don't know if anyone is looking for me. I don't know if anyone cares enough to even try to look for me, to help me when I need them the most. My sanity is growing thin, my personality is disappearing. I am becoming someone else. Someone who doesn't want to be around anyone, who doesn't want to even talk to anyone. Someone who doesn't care, doesn't want to think about anything. Someone who just wants to dive deep into the ocean and never come back up, not worrying if they stop breathing.
Hello, can u hear me? I'm all alone. I'm cold and scared.
Hello, can u hear me? I'm all alone.
Hello, can u hear me?

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