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Worst Event Ever?
Kiti Mood: stressed Who thinks up this s**t, anyway?

So I'm finally able to get hold of my brother's computer long enough to get on Gaia for a few hours, just in time for the "Summer Event", and what do I find?

Probably the worst event I've participated in since I joined Gaia.

I like airships, and the idea of helping out an ailing demigod, especially one who's nature-related, really appeals to me, but what this year's summer NON-event has in concept is totally ruined by its execution. Maybe the administrators at Gaia Online's HQ should think about getting some people with some imagination to come up with these events? Or at least think things through before cobbling up something as asinine as this latest pitiful excuse for a mini-game?

First complaint: the lack of options for some of the retarded 'encounters' that your ship runs into. I mean, so some old fart's telling stories in the woods. Does that mean that we have to stop and listen? WHY? If all he does is cost you 6 hours of travel time, then I want the option of ignoring him and passing by. And when that idiot Grunny suggests putting sand in the hold of your airship, why can't we talk him out of it?!? And the televangelist--WHO SAYS WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO HIS BABBLING??? Players should have the option to skip these events altogether, rather than be penalized by them. And the "magician"--couldn't you have come up with something better than have him steal your loot?

Second complaint: those retarded landmarks. What the hell is that stupid dog doing there, and why do we have to stop and play with him if all he does is ignore us? And those bones in the desert--okay, so they're just there to show that deserts are dangerous. So what? We knew that already. Why not have some reward for stopping and looking, whether good, bad, or indifferent?

Third complaint: hunting. Why would I be bothering with a stupid rifle when I have my zOMG rings? Wouldn't it make more sense to use those, since they don't require ammo? And okay, fine, so you give us a whole whopping 30 seconds to shoot the cute little critters--why does it take so *(^^$$@!$!@!@# long to reload the rifle after each shot? Haven't you people heard of automatics??? And why does it take so many shots to kill each creature, anyway? What kind of ammo does this cheap rifle use--spitwads?

I know that nobody forces me to participate in these "events", but if I'm going to spend the time doing so, couldn't you at least make them less unfair and a little more intelligent? I mean, really--I'm willing to bet you people that I could write a better event single-handedly than you folks could with a full design team, I'm so disgusted with how bad these events are. I understand that there's a large number of people participating in each event, and that not everyone's going to be happy with every feature of each event, but still... It seems like each event has been worse than the one before it, and if the next event is even more lame than this one, I may just swear off events on Gaia until I see you people at least trying to get it right.

Summer Camp last year had idiotic moves and allowed people to attack you when you were offline, the Halloween thing ended really badly (did it never occur to you that a lot of us liked Sentinel, Overseer, or both, and would have shared our homes with them instead of leaving them homeless, and did you have to take their powers away like that?), and now this... <sigh>

It's enough to make a cat cry, nyao...

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