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I am in the process of having a long lengthy discussion with a friend's little sister. I have marked where she talks and I talk.

ME: wassup?

Hailee: im sickkk and dont feel good

Me: I hope you get better soon

Hailee: me too i about passed out in class

Me: You did? for real?

Hailee: yes thats why i hate school

Me: Hailee, you can't hate school and expect to go places in life
Otherwise, your a** is gonna be sitting right here in Bonifay, while you sister makes all the money
that's what ambition is for

Hailee: u can hate school and still go but it hates me

Me: But you have to want to be places in life. And to do that, you have to do your best in school

Hailee: i do but what i want too be only takes math and reading really well and other things

Me: What do you want to be? According to Hannaah, you have no idea, and you have no idea what you want your major to be, your sub-majors, or even what college you want to go to. Also, it seems as if you're doing nothing to help yourself get there

Hailee: i want too be a horse trainer

Me: A horse trainer... really? And do you really expect to rolling in teh money with that job?
Besides, not many people expect you to make it. Because you don't have ambition

Hailee: thats not the only thing i want too be

Me: You need that to get anywhere. Even out the front door in the morning. You have to be willing to say to yourself "I'm gonna do my very best today!" and say it all day everyday. Especially at school. Because if you slack off at school, then there will be absolutely no chance of you getting accepted anywhere.

Hailee: i also want too be a chef

Me: Also, you really need to be deciding what you want to be now. It will help you better prepare for the future, and help you make plans about what all you want to do. So instead of wasting time annoying others with senseless chit chat, why not do a little bit of research about what exactly you want to be

Hailee: ok so i get too be bord too death

Me: You want to be a chef? Good! Now set your goals and make plans to match that! You can only do one thing at a time! And you really need to be preparing yourself for the long-haul, because it's a very long path. You have several years, really until you definitely need to make your decision. But I would advice you to try and follow in the footsteps of your sister. Because she has a good head on her shoulders and could honestly teach you a lot about what you need to know aspire to do great things!

Hailee: ok all i want too be is a chef and own horses thats it i dont want too have to be worried about bills thats it

Me: But you see, you don't get it! In life, you are going to have to worry about bills, no matter what! Everybody does! You can't just magically expect all of your adult problems to go away! When you become an adult, or perhaps even when you mature a little more, you will understand this. But as of now, it seems like all you want is for things to be handed to you and for you to make no effort whatsoever on your own part. Wouldn't you rather work for your things than have them just simply handed to you? Don't you think that you would appreciate them more if you actually had to work hard and spend money to have nice things then to be luxuriated with them?

Hailee: ok i understand there will always be bills but if you do have money like i plan i wont worry. yeah it might not seem like i have plans but i do

Me: And where do you expect this money to come from? Do you think it will magically appear out of thin air? Money trees? They don't exist. And you can't rely on your grandparents for the rest of your life. Newsflash: they won't be around forever. That's why once you get out into the working world, you need to go to college, get a good job, and make yourself financially secure. Some people out there struggle to make the bill payments each month. And you also have to learn to budget your money properly. You can't spend $2000 dollars on clothes in one day and expect to be able to pay simple bills such as cable, internet, phone, and electricity if you have no more cash resources. Which is why once you get money, as well as right now, if you have any, you need to have a checking account, like Hannaah does. That way, you can draw on it if you ever get into a bind. And honestly, from what I have observed, and from what I have heard, you might have plans, but you have no will or plans or ambition to even act on them. A lot of people say that they have plans on making it big one day. But few ever act on it, and where are those people now? Sitting in trailer homes, struggling to make their bill payments, with several kids that they can't afford. Do you want to be in a situation like that? Do you want to be a low-class loser? Believe it or not Hailee, you won't be ten forever, and you won't keep getting hand outs all your life.

Hailee: i did and i have plans and more money than hannah right now i can save money.

Me: Just because you have plans doesn't mean s**t. You have to have the willingness and the ambition to work on those plans until you can't any longer. Just because you have more money in the bank then Hannaah, doesn't mean anything. Look at the future. In 20 years, you might be crawling up to her doorstep begging her for a loan. Now do you really wanna put yourself through the humiliation?? I don't think you do. That's why you have to learn as much about the things that you want to do before it's too late. And you have to make sure you apply for a scholarship that will fit what kind of job you want to do. Which is also why you need to be figuring out what you want to major in and what you want your sub-majors to be, as well as trying to plan what college you wish to attend. These things don't happen overnight.

Hailee: i know but i do have the will to do things i can have a future

Me: From what I have observed, you don't. You complain about school all the time, and you're failing your classes, or rather, barely passing them. And you're only in the 5th grade. To get into a good respectable college, you need to have the grades to deserve it. And if your grades are this bad now, with the small attention span you have for school, imagine if they get only a little better in high school. It gets much worse. I have heard of people having excellent grades in High school, and then they go to college, and almost flunk out their freshman year, 1st semester. So honestly, you really need to be interested in school as well.

Hailee: ok i get it but im not failing realy ive got ok grades and im very intellagent but i have some problems. and well i guess

Me: You're not getting it. Having "ok" grades isn't good enough. Look at it in this retrospect. A college looks at your GPA, a person who made "ok grades" all through school, then looks at another's who made excellent grades. Who do you think that they are going to choose to accept? And just because you're intelligent doesn't mean s**t either. You have to be able to apply that intelligence.

Hailee: i have a hire gpa than hobbs

Me: You're really going to compare yourself to Hobbs? He's in high school, and his a** is not going anywhere in life. He's going to be sitting in Bonifay for the rest of his life, being a failure. Because he has not plans. You seem to. But like I said, just because your GPA is higher doesn't mean a damn thing.

Hailee: alright and dont be mean hobbs is going in the army and i am smart

Me: What are his plans after the army? He has none, from what I have heard. But like I said, you seem to. I'm not being mean or anything. But I guess you're just too young to understand. And being smart has nothing to do with that. You also have to have common sense. Because common sense is what really rules the world. Without it, where do you expect to be? If you have none, then you're SOL.

Hailee: yeah but im a very good cook and i planned too go to harverd or whatever

Me: Once again, you need to have good grades. And if you wanna go to Harvard, you need to have exceptional grades. You can't just bullshit around and not care. Because, once again, you might have plans, but where is the ambition to act on them? Now I need to go. I hope that I have gotten at least a little bit of this into your head. Goodnight.

Hailee: bye

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