Chapter 1: Auzure Skies

"Please, for God's sake... smile like you mean it. Don't make it look so damn painful."
"Well it is. You'll have to deal with it Ren, because everyone else is."
"I thought I wasn't everyone else."
"That may be true, but as far as smiles go, you are."
Luca smiled at that, even if he didn't mean to. Dark chocolate eyes seemed to basically cringe as the corners of his mouth twitched in a seemingly uncomfortable position.
"Okay, stop before you hurt yourself."
"Now who's the a**?"
When Ren laughed, it seemed as if a healthy glow bled out of his pores, often effecting those around him. The sound roused Pon~Ponn from his sitting place on the gate wall, and Luca's face to go back into a mini seizure- fit.
Of course, that made Luca laugh harder, falling onto his knees,face turning a healthy shade of red.
After the first five minutes of watching his friend asfixeate, Luca started to walk away, knowing Ren'd follow eventually. He'd always follow him, no matter the situation, and no matter how stubborn or pissy Luca would get. Which, uh, happened frequently.
So, as predicted, I'm sure you can guess who hobbled up clutching his stomach in severe pain.
"Damn. It wasn't that funny."
"You're the one who made me laugh, with the face and all. I haven't laughed that well in hours!"
"More like minutes. Bloody hell, I've seen hyenas giggle less."
"You've seen hyenas? Wow. The most exotic animal I've ever seen was Pon~Ponn here, and he's barely litter - trained!"
As if on cue, the young white cat padded up looking at Luca with expectant eyes.
The cat sat down, determined to get what he wanted. Ren giggled, visibly grimincing from stomach pain as he did so.
"That cat is almost as hard headed as you are. Almost."
Luca rolled his eyes and set a small lidful of milk on the ground for the cat to lick out of.
"No more until we get home, you freaking white parasite."
The cat simply smiled, finished with the meager filling and ran ahead.
"Someone's in a hurry to get home, hm?"
"Yeah, I guess. Should we catch up?"
"Nah. Damn parasite can wait. We only have an hour before class starts again. I'm going to take my time."
Ren looked up at the sky. He really didn't mind, walking with his friend under the bright sun and impossibly blue sky. Nothing but trees and a gravel road welcomed them, and it seemed as if everything was perfect.
But not everything is what it seems.