Hi I'm Akaiki (the third will soon be explained) or more common known as Tomyo-chan on DeviantART. If I sound familiar (which I doubt), its because I was on here before in 2007 as just Akaiki. Well, I was an idiot (and still am) when it comes to the internet because one day while in the forums....I didn't pay attention and lost my account to a stupid counterfeit letter =w=;;;;;;... But that's not where it ended. A month after losing the account, I came back and told my story like I am now and asked for help....like I said, I'm an idiot. So after a bunch of bad replies (I never could blame them) and then my AIM having a bug, I had a breakdown and quit online accounts for about 2 years now. Eventually I came back to the web as you can see but this time, no begging. Though as I said, I'm an idiot when it comes to the web and I haven't been on on Gaia in a while. Why am I saying this? Because I wasn't planning on actually setting this account up as I registered it. But now that I have, I don't think gaia needs a fourth Akaiki and I will use it. Even though I commonly go by Tomyo-chan everywhere else, I'd prefer just to be Akaiki here please.

old about me