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Dear FAMILY/friends/random people I have added as friends but don't talk to,

HEY. I'm just gonna dive right into it. So.
For roughly the past 4 years I have identified myself as bisexual. During the summer before grade 9 had started I came out to a couple of close friends, and once school started I began to tell more friends, new and old. Around the middle of my grade 9 year I was used to people knowing that I was bisexual, but something kept itching inside of me, as if it was close, but not quite...right. So I started identifying myself as bisexual-with-exceptions. BAHAHA sounds funny, aye? It totes does. ANYWAY. That is how I have identified myself for the past year and some, though not many know it.

A few months ago I learned of Pansexuality. The word "Pansexual" is derived from a Greek prefix "pan" meaning "all". YES ALLLLLLLLL(dundundun) Bahah no, but really. I did some research of this mysterious word! I googled it (DUH) I watched Youtube videos, even some comparing bisexuality and pansexuality, and I also searched it on some Tumblr blogs. (Yes. TUMBLR) What it came down to is that when I identified myself as bisexual-with-exceptions I actually meant Pansexual, but I didn't know it at the time until I had discovered this glorious word. SO YES. I AM PANSEXUAL! (Insert chorus of gasps here) I am attracted to people regardless of their gender identity or sexuality. I figured it was about time I told people (Family) because I've heard some stuff (Family) about me being a lesbian (Family) which I am not...(Family)...
BAHAH YES. THE TRUTH. It is so sweet!
I am not an IN the closet Lesbian. I am an OUT of the closet Pansexual. AND PROUUUDDD.

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