Hey again.
Well, I started role playing with my friends a little while back. Fun as hell.
But I have to be careful.
If I push for role playing too much, they might end up getting sick of me. Can't let that happen, now can we? sweatdrop
Anyway, I'm trying to find an original look for my avi/rp character.
And I'll tell you.

That s**t is not a fun walk in the park.

Its like walking in the park with birds crapping down at you.

And then the sprinkler systems turn on and spray you in the face.

No matter how hard I try, every time I find a look that may work, it ends up being either too much to avoid cliche-ness, too little to be cool, or too common.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to keep trying.

Yeah, thats it for this entry.