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Bleach. A rainy bleak day. Fate doesn't exist where decisions are made. Stuck between the world of living and death.

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Kuroiame(a saved profile)
Nothin to see here ppl just a svaed profile from crappy guild once owned....
Mishiro Hitsugaya
Username: Hikyirou6735
Rp Name: Kuroiame Takahashi
Rp Age: Around 315 years
Gender: Female
Race: Arrancar
Personality: Kuroiame is very Calm and collected, though she has a terrible temper, and is very violent when enraged. Although she is an Espada, for the most part, she doesn't like to fight, she won't engage in battle unless challenged, attacked, or commanded by a higher status to do so. She mostly ignores the other Espada, and only carries out orders from those above her. She mostly keeps to herself, but will talk to others from time to time.
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 160 pounds
Markings/Tattoos: Navy markings around her eyes, the Tres Espada tattoo is located on her upper back area, along her spine.
Likes: Chaos, to be an antagonist, to pick fights, etc.
Dislikes: To dicuss her origins, a certain individual.
Eye Color: Bright Blue
Hair Color: White
Hair Style: Straight, with slight curls on the end.
Appearance: (pic. coming soon)

Mask Appearance: The only remainder of her mask is the bottom of her jaw, which hangs down on the bottom of her neck

Number: 3
Rank: Espada
Espada in charge of you: n/a

Zanpakutou Name: Agua Bestia
Zanpaktou Length: 3ft
Width: 1 in.
Thickness: 1/8 in.

Release: Acheived
Release Incantation: "Ahogar, Agua Bestia"- Drown, Water Beast
Release Description: Once this is activated, her Zanpakuto does not change. However, her mask extends, to create a pair of white ears atop of her head, and a collar around her throat.
Release Ability: Once activated, two pure white wolves appear at opposite sides of her, both are made out of water. (Which means if they are destroyed, they are able to reform.) Also, when activated, water will immediantly gather around her, she is able to control said water however she pleases. Also, her speed, strength, and Reaitsu spikes majorly.

Attack no.1: "Devastadores fuerza"-Devastating Force: Encasing her body in Reaitsu and water, combining her Sonido and strength, she is able to strike her target, which could result in serious injuries.

Attack no.2: "Azul cañones"- Blue Cannon: Charging her Reaitsu through her Zanpakuto, she is able to release said Reaitsu in a form of a blast. The two wolves, however, fire a sort of miniature Cero, that combines with the blast, making it more powerful.

Attack no.3: "Misericordioso lágrimas"- Merciful Tears: Using the two wolves as sacrifices, she is able to completely heal either herself, or another person(s). If this is used, she cannot use any other attacks from her release, or go into the Second Release form.

Second Release: Acheived
Second Release Incantation: "Inundar el Mundo, Lobos Demonio"- Flood the World, Demon Wolves
Second Release Description: When activated, her hair turns to coal black, and her eyes turn into a pale yellow. Her mask expands, once again, down her spine, then creates a long tail. (Pic. will come, and it will make more sense.)
Second Release Ability: The two wolves turn black and grow in size, they also have a new ability where if they are touched, the person would be burned as if from acid.

Attack no.1: "Triple Gran Rey Cero"- Triple Grand King Zero: Combining three Gran Rey Ceros from Kuroiame and the Two wolves, it becomes an incredible force. It would cause devastation if it where to be used to destroy, and it would be instant death for those who are in it's path.

Attack no.2: "Llorar de la Lobo"- Cry of the Wolf: This attack gather's an extreme amount of water and transforms it into an armada of wolves, though they are smaller than the Main two wolves. These wolves possess the same abilities of the Two wolves though are way slower and much easier to destroy.

Attack no.3: "Aplastamiento Cascada Negro"- Crushing Black Waterfall: (Cry of the Wolf must be in effect) This attack causes the armada to come together and attack the target from all sides, the Two main wolves lead the Armada. This would quickly surround the target and utterly oblitherate them.

Attack no.4: "Lluvia de Muerte"- Raining Death: (Cry of the Wolf must be in effect) This move causes the Armada to swarm above a certain area, that expands around a mile. The Armada then melts, causing the water to fall like rain. (Note: As said before, if the water from the wolves touches someone/something, they will burn as though from acid.) This attack can only be used once, and after using, her Second Release will vanish, enabling her to use another attack.

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