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On Another Note...

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Feng Shui

As of today, I have moved into a total of 14 new homes.
Apartments, Rentals, Mobile Homes, Houses, and Town Houses...
So I understand the pains of not being able to paint the walls or even renovate on your own when the landlord keeps putting things off.
For years.
Making a room usable, spacious, and homely are my first goals- even before moving in.
I feel like i'm writing a high school essay, but I thought i'd share some realistic tips.

*queue hgtv commercial theme music*
•The first step to moving into a new room is like new years. New Room New You.
Whether it's just across the street or across states, you should throw away anything that's better left in the past. Marie Kondo's famous quote "if it doesn't spark joy, get rid of it". I'm a bit of a minimalist myself, so I threw away trophies, books I never read or re-read, posters, ect. I kept my favorite stuffed animals (shhh no judgement) and my old drawings. The rest are better left as memories, or not even worth remembering- like the stuffed purple bear from when my painful teeth were making me grumpy. I remember, but I have no bear to show for it.
To me, all this memorabilia crap is only good for parents to keep, or to occupy space in the perfectly good storage bin hidden in the dark attic never to be seen again. They are the things that someone gave to you, that you would feel bad for throwing away because "what if they found out"? Did they find out it was shoved in the nether regions of your closet? Be as selfish as you can, and if it does make you super happy to see the purple bear and think about that day, then by all means. If you're not going to sit a purple stuffed bear on your dresser where you can always see it- get rid of it. As for photos- put them in an actual photo album. I see that walmart photos envelope you have in your junk drawer.
I see it.

•If you have enough clothes to be able to wear a different outfit every day, for two weeks, then keep your favorites and throw. the rest. away. Seriously. If it doesn't fit perfectly, has holes, or if "it was free though"!, chunk it. Or reuse it for a pillow, t-shirt blanket, ect. if you're crafty and will actually finish the project.
Once you've slimmed down your belongings and now remember every embarrassing moment from 5 years back, you can move on to your new place.

•Before moving into a new abode, I first deep clean every nook and cranny my tiny baby hands can get into. Baseboards, tile, ceiling fan blades, inside cabinets, ect.
The ickiest places I find are under and around the oven. I once found a glow in the dark dinosaur under there. Yes, of course I kept it!

•As well as cleaning, you should also figure out if you like the color of the walls. Using my last rental as an example, the walls were an ugly tan. The landlady allowed us to paint the rooms as long as they were first approved.
Make sure there is plenty of ventilation in the room before opening paint/paint thinner.
My sister passed out while we were painting- she ended up being okay after we brought her outside. (She didn't have insurance or the money to pay for a hospital bill).
If you cannot paint the walls, the next option is an inexpensive quick fix: Fabric.
With a little bit of wall glue, a brush, fabric, hard cover book or dough cutter, and a box knife you can have whatever color or pattern you want! (Patterned fabric will cost more and have fewer yards on a roll).
You need a few other things like a tape measure and a ladder, so unless you're willing to go all out, a small portion of the wall will add some flair (in front of a desk for example).
Another option is just to put up wall art that matches your room. I love wall art, but it can easily look like it did back in your angsty teenage years if you don't go for something more mature. That can be Miku on a painted canvas, or framed ghibli posters. As long as it all correlates and matches your room. This can be done without nails by using sticky hooks instead.

•Next, I assess the bedroom. The 4 corners, the doors, windows, and outlets. In my last room there was an old gas pipe sticking out, and an unnecessary corner jutting out of a wall. This was very frustrating, but there are steps and rules I follow to make my options a little narrower.
The outlets.
My electronics are my forever home. TV, console, and PC all go on one outlet. Chargers, lamp, and oil diffuser on another. I have several other electronics that are a bit seasonal like a fan or heater. This basically decides the layout of the room for me.
Arranging the room beforehand will save you a lot of work in the future. In the past, I have moved everything from one side of the room to the opposite for the sake of feng shui. Something as simple well okay no everything is heavy and scrapes the floor as that can make such a huge difference for the atmosphere of your room.
I personally like my bed to be against a wall, otherwise I WILL barrel-roll across the bed just to get to the other side of the room rather than walk around the bed. It may take away the symmetry of the room, but I give it back in other ways.

To arrange the room, I draw it's outline on a sheet of paper. I mark the outlets, doors and which direction they swing, the windows and anything that may be jutting from the floor like a television cable outlet, or a gas pipe/heater. I then cut out the shapes of each piece of furniture I own and start arranging and rearranging on the piece of paper to help visualize the outcomes. It may seem silly but it saves me from the urge to arrange my room at 3am because of OCD or whatever possesses me at that time. I consider where I will be walking to and from the most such as the entrance to the closet. I also arrange the room based off of the furniture and room size. As well as how to make the room more open. I don't want to block the windows, and I don't want to make the doorways hard to get into. Once I have found the best formula, moving seems to be a snap. Balanced, as all things should be..
Which reminds me. Color and balance. The colors can be anything you want, no rules. WELL there ARE, but if you want your room rainbow colored then do it, as long as you stick to that theme. I personally like dark grey walls with white and black furniture with a few things that pop, like the things I use the most. Game chair, PC, phone, pillows, ect. Personalizing the things I love and use the most just makes sense to me. Curtains, walls, furniture can all be normalized with some spray paint and tape.

•If you're moving into an unfurnished home then better plan a trip to the thrift store. Couches, chairs, tables and desks can all be re-painted and re-upholstered. With a staple gun, foam, and fabric you can easily make your own designer version of a sad cat-scratched couch. There are a lot of tutorials online that will make you realize how simple it really is, with just a few tools and maybe a bit of effort. The before and afters make it totally worth it. Just today I even bought a $15 surround sound speaker that works perfectly! There are so many great deals and DIYs to try. Because DIwhy not?

•With everything arranged, matching, and fresh you can now balance the room. To make a room more clean looking, use up your storage space and get everything off the floor. Even if it's as simple as getting a shoe rack. Declutter the keys, coins, and misc. things floating around on the surfaces of your tables by getting a bowl or basket to throw them into. Key hanger, coat hanger, coin jar/piggy bank, ect. Having these small things laying around makes your room look messy when it's clean, and putting them together will make you not second guess where something might be. Put away everything you don't use regularly, and consistently throw away the things you "may use later". Keep up with those habits of stashing things away depending on what you threw away before you moved.

To me, Feng Shui doesn't just apply to your surroundings but also your phone.
The only social medias I use are twitter and snapchat. Soon, I believe snapchat will be going as well. I just recently got back to twitter and made a new account just to follow game developers. I catch up on memes through ifunny. I read through webtoons. I made a new email. I updated all of my passwords. I only pay for the things I use. Delete the things that are negatively affecting your livelihood. For 12 years I was just constantly on FB- scrolling. Closing the app and reopening it a few minute later. I do not miss it. If i want to know what is happening in my friend's life (I have none, hah) then I would text them. My family, I call them to catch up. The news, I have that pre-installed on my phone. Simplify your apps! I use Lines Free for android. It looks very simple, I can hide apps I don't use much (like apps for personalizing my phone) and I can put apps I use often in a nice circle pattern on my main screen. This keeps me from using my phone constantly.

•Organize your life! Use a planner at your desk or a calendar next to the door on your wall or next to your bathroom mirror. Start a list of goals, long term and short in a notebook. Making lists really helps me to think. I have a list of everything from wants to needs to help eliminate my impulsiveness and to keep me focused on what I really need in my life.

•Getting rid of the junk in your life really makes you feel more free-feeling. A light and airy room makes you feel less stressed and happy. A hollow phone is a good phone. No friends makes you feel closer to yourself and perhaps even your significant other or family.

•With all of these tips, I forgot to mention the power of green. If possible, keep as many plants in your room as possible. If you're devoid of friends like me, think about rescuing a beta fish from the pet store. Please don't dump them in a simple fish bowl, read up on them! I love aquariums and aquatic life. They're just like any other pet. They may not need as much attention, but their homes do. (Trying real hard not to dump the requirements of a beta fish here). Just be responsible for your pets, please.

•Having some green in your room will also reduce the CO2 in a non-ventilated space. My windows do not open for security, and my door is constantly closed because of the pets that live here. They are not my responsibility, and they have not been properly taught manners when someone is eating, or even been potty trained. I live in a sketchy neighborhood and prefer to keep my blinds closed. With this, I cannot allow myself plants to help freshen the room. Having an aquarium with live plants is actually a good substitute. Sure, I could get a plant lamp, but I would rather have a few rescued fishies while I'm at it. But Jane, isn't it more expensive to buy a tank, filter, light, substrate, gravel, plants, rocks, fish, fish food, and activated carbon? Why yes, yes it is. But that also means I get to aquascape a pokemon-themed tank with real, live water-type pokemon.

•On another note, if you're trying to save on electricity this summer by setting your thermostat to 78F, then invest in thick curtains to block light. I personally use a fan with a humidifier filled with ice water during the day. A pricier price saver is also the use of smart surge protectors. They shut off power to electronics not being used, since the flow of electricity isn't stopped until they are unplugged.

For now, that's all the tips I can think of. I hope this has helped someone!

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