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I glanced at the clock. My right hand twiddled a pen, tap tap tap, on my desk. My foot thumped dimly on the hard wood floor. My eyes stared at nothing. I heard the tick tick ticking of the clock a two rooms over. My lips curled up in the corners, every bleach white tooth showing. My jet black hair was left clean, but messy. Exactly how I liked it. I ran my left hand through it and leaned back in my chair.

Suddenly I stood, shoving the chair back, hitting the wall with my fist, creating a large thud. My smile never faded. The pain barely surfaced. My pale skin never bruised. My right hand dropped the pen on the ground with a sharp chick! sound.

I walked down the hallway leading to the washroom. My boots made soft thudding sounds on the old wooden floor. My smile faded, for I knew business was to be done. I turned the doorknob and stepped in soundlessly. As I approached the clawfoot tub, my grin returned. My beauty, not yet even 16, lie sound asleep, beautiful locks tumbling over the tub's side. I kneeled and touched her hand as it dangled from the edge, limp.

"Wake up, wake up, my darling. You're in for a surprise," I said sweetly in my charming velvet voice.

I stood, the girl now in a fit. Hmph, so she did have an attitude to her! I always did enjoy a little rebel-rousing, a fluster here and there. Her shouts echoed in my mind, how glorious a young woman's voice can be after so long an absence of one! I calmly but firmly placed a palm on each side of her hot face, studying her. What perfect bone structure!
I was right about her beauty.
But this fit would not do for so long! "The pills should have lasted a bit longer than I expected. Nonetheless, I have other means of quieting you, little missy." I pulled a syringe from a shelf off to the side and caught her off guard. The look on her face as her words fumbled right in her mouth, oh how wonderful! She would do for sure.

I watched as she shrunk down into the empty tub. Quickly I stepped into the tub with her and turned the knob engraved with the letter H. The tub filled slowly, but I didn't mind. I stood over the girl, towering her. "Don't worry, mademoiselle. You will be able to talk soon, just not move anything else quite as well as you insist on. We need to get you nice and tidy!"
My white teeth gleamed softly and I parted my lips, wishing for a cigarette.

"See, see, you're calm now. Good girl." I itched for a cigarette again, but that would have to wait. The water level rose slowly but surely, the scorching water now to the tops of my ankles. I leaned back and ran my left hand through my hair, my twinkling eye still on the girl. She looked strangely conflicted. "What is, I wonder, troubling you? Don't worry, you will be able to speak soon. Just rest now, you've taken a bump to the head." The swirling steam encircled us like an approaching mist. The water crawled up to my mid-calf. I suppressed a girlish chuckle. Soon, though, I realized, the medicine would wear off and she would be able to move again.
Would she run, I wonder?
I kneeled down over her and smiled a little half smile. Her face was near scarlet, and mine still pale as moon. The water spread her glorious auburn locks about her head, perfectly portraiting her perfectly angled face. I touched it, drawing a line from her ear down her jawline. "How wonderful," I thought aloud. I drew my eye down her body, pausing ever so often at parts that caught my eye. "You have perfect physique," I remarked. Human anatomy is so beautiful and this girl seemed to possess all of it's positives.

I lifted her head so as to keep the burning hot water from her face. The medicine wore off; her limbs began to twitch with her returning senses. I turned and adjusted the water temperature, barely noticing the watery flames scorching my black slacks and thin white shirt.
Carefully I moved, placing a foot on each shin, breaking the fragile bones of the girl quite easily. The water scorched on.

"Speak, darling."

I removed my feet from her shattered legs. The screams echoed in the near-empty house. The scorching water became diluted with crimson. I kept kneeled over her though anyone in their right mind would cringe away from her screams of pain and desperation. She watched her body shiver and quake though the temperature of the water would have caused anyone else to act otherwise. I smiled and chuckled softly. "I want to test you, honey. How strong are you? Actions speak louder than words." Without looking, I flicked the knob labeled H to off. The girl struggled to keep calm, or maybe it was unwitting instinct? I watched with an analytical eye, placing a hand on either side of the tub's rim. I was motionless for a moment before running my hand through her hair.
I couldn't resist. My hand didn't pull away from the boiling liquid, in fact it almost welcomed it. The girl cringed away from my touch at first, but realized, in her state, it would do no good. I felt some of the steam rise from us. The water was beginning to cool. I wondered how much time I had spent here, with the girl. "It mustn't matter anyway," I mumbled to myself.

I smiled as she made no means of struggle as I drew my hand across her jaw again. I couldn't get past the perfection of her face! When she spoke, I gave her a look, curiosity, mixed with some other things. "You want to touch my face?" I chuckled charmingly though a half smile, my left hand running through my hair again. "What a strange request!" What is she thinking, I wonder? At that moment she threw a look of mediocre strength across her face and her neck tensed, collarbones - beautiful prominent collarbones! - jutting out, as if she were trying not to burst into tears like a pitiful child. I watched her heavy breathing while the slightly stupid half smile kept plastered on my face.
Suddenly I yearned I had a clock, but shrugged the thought off. I glanced around, my dark eyes flitting here and there, thinking, searching, prying. The water was cooling rapidly. "What to do, what to do. Tsk tsk," I murmured, my mind racing. On impulse, I swept my hands under the girl's armpits, lifting her with ease. I saw her fling her eyes around in her head, dizzy from sudden movement. "It's okay, dear, you'll be fine," I cooed like a mother hushing a little child.

I tossed her body gently onto my back and wrapped her arms around my neck. I felt her drip hot water onto my back, but I didn't mind. I was pretty much drenched aside from my hair and a few spots on my thin white shirt. With a quiet chuckle, I turned the knob and left the bathroom, hot mist escaping alongside us. I padded lightly down numerous hallways towards my chamber. Upon approaching the door, I stopped and turned my head so the girl would hear me while I twisted the door's heavy knob.
"Mind, this is my chamber. Excuse the mess, If you will."

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