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Trinity's Savior Chapter 2
On the road heading south east out Nibelhiem with Vincent as company makes me uneasy. It’s even worse knowing that Rufus has the Turks cutting off my original route to Midgar. So much for going to Corel and Costa Del Sol. That was my direct route to Midgar. Then again maybe it’s a good thing my direct is cut off. I probably would’ve run into Barret and Marlene way too early. Plus there’s still some Before Crisis s**t going on. At least think I so. Don’t know and don’t give a damn.

There’s a second problem though, it’s the direction I’m heading. I’m heading straight for Crystal Cave. I know I’m not supposed to discover this place until Dirge of Cerberus. s**t, I wish I played Dirge of Cerberus now. Then again, Minerva must have other plans. If it means solving Vincent’s emo issues early then I’m with the Goddess.

I snap to attention when low baleful howling catches Vincent’s attention. It only means one thing we’re in Nibel Wolf territory. ********, I’m still fighting unarmed. At least Vincent has a gun. Ah hell, I guess I’ll just take back seat for now.

“Pay attention. A distracted warrior is a dead one.” Vincent speaks suddenly.

I nod my head and focus. Damn former Turk, could you have a little sympathy for me here? Is empathy even in your vocabulary? I know you’re still pissed with me for waking and dragging you on this wild journey, but damn!

Vincent clicks off the safety off his gun as a pack of Nibel Wolves appear. I take a defensive stance. I count 6 wolves. Well, 3 a piece then.

The wolves immediately spring upon us. A flurry of gunshots rings out courtesy of Square Enix’s resident Vampire. I punch back a wolf that went for my neck. Obviously the wolves think I’m an easy kill. Another sound of a gunshot and a confirmed kill by Vincent. I turn my attention to the wolf that tried to kill me. It was already charging me. I wait for the right moment and deliver a rib shattering punch. Another wolf howls to revive its’ fallen comrade. The wolf that took a bullet gets up and shakes things off like nothing happened. Another wolf springs on me and I deliver another rib shattering punch. Two down, four to go. Vincent fires more bullets but the Nibel Wolves refuse go down. I assist Vincent via my Fire Materia. I swear to high heaven that burning fur doesn’t agree with my nose. Vincent keeps firing bullets until he hears a heart breaking click. Damn, I forgot to get Vincent more ammo! Why won’t these Nibel Wolves go down? Were they sent by the Goddess?

It’s time my baby girl, you know what to do. A feminine voice rings my head.
I feel a surge of adrenaline running through me.

Call it my baby girl. No need to hesitate.’ The feminine voice prods.
I see Vincent back up a couple steps, desperately shielding his eyes. I then see a negative image of battle fans form in my hands. I sweep my right foot back and start spinning. The winds pick up and encase me in a whirlwind. I take a breath and yell “Heaven’s Tempest!”

I spin forward as the Nibel Wolves pounce once more. A series of whines greets my ears as I spin faster and tighter. The Nibel wolves rise into the air one by one. After a minute I deal the final blows. Limit Break FTW! Sadly, victory is short lived as I collapsed into Vincent’s arms. At least he has sympathy to catch me.
This young woman is crazy. Just who is she?’ Vincent thought. ‘Probably her first time using a Limit Break.

Vincent looked at the dead wolves, noticing something strange about them. A faint noise in the distance forces Vincent to the collapsed girl in his arms. For the girl’s sake, he high tailed to the nearest shelter continuing south east. Vincent made his way to a cave made of crystal. He immediately feels a familiar presence.

“Lucrecia?” Vincent wonders aloud as puts the girl on the ground gently.

Nothing answers him, to which he just shakes it off as his weary mind playing tricks on him. Vincent turns his attention to the girl on the ground. He pulled a Phoenix Down out of her satchel and used it. She shivered and trembles. Vincent wraps his cape around her carefully.
How does this girl know my name? More suspicious, how does she know about Sephiroth?’ Vincent thought quietly.

“Vincent…is that you?” A familiar voice calls him.

“Lucrecia?” Vincent turns around.

Before him stands the love of his life. Vincent didn’t believe it for a second. Like him, Lucrecia hadn’t aged a day since he sealed himself away from the world.

“Vincent. I don’t have much time…” Lucrecia began to speak. “The girl…you need to help her…Stop my son…please. The girls’ knowledge comes from…another planet…She isn’t from this world.”

“Lucrecia…”Vincent became speechless.

“You must … help…her…tell…Sephiroth…of his…origins…My time…here…is coming… to an end…we’ll meet again someday…” Lucrecia fades before him.

Vincent looks at the crystal containing Lucrecia. She cried a single tear for Sephiroth. Vincent nods and turns his attention to the waking girl.

“For the love of Shiva…I need to get stronger…” I moan in pain.

I toss off the cover I was wrapped in. Apparently it the cover is Vincent’s cape. Ok, I’ll admit I was wrong about my assumptions on Vincent. That doesn’t mean I’ll ever admit that out loud.
Vincent quickly put his cloak back on in silence. I happily discover that all our things are intact (minus a phoenix down but I figure Vincent probably used it on me earlier). I get up and stretch. Vincent watches me like a Turk. I pay him little attention as I walk around. A glint catches my attention. Upon inspection I find a completely silver katana and a pair of red battle fans. Weapons score! I feel Vincent’s gaze intensify as I walk over to him.

“If you have something to say, spit it out.” I snap. Some of your Turk habits better disappear, Vincent.

“Where did you find those?” Vincent asks cautiously.

“Over there.” I point toward the entrance of the cave. “Besides, we should get going. I’ll explain things on the way.”

If I’m grateful for anything, it’s Vincent’s silence. Yes, I ended up telling him my story. Yes, the one about Rufus somehow coming to my world, starting a fear regime and shooting me point blank in the heart. Would you believe that my story evoked a reaction from him? Well it did.

At least this journey with Vincent won’t be too bad. I hope so. On the bright side, the Goddess has blessed me with the gift of weaponry and my first Limit Break. Next place to go: Gold Saucer.

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